Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Getting started

Hi Everyone!

Tonight is the beginning of my first blog and not really sure if I am doing this correctly so bear with me!  Last week we got 30 inches of snow and tonight we are getting an additional 20 inches. WOW! YIKES! That is 50 inches total and I am only 60 inches high. I guess I better buy me some 12 inch wedge boots! Can you even imagine 50 inches? Slap me on the side of the head next time I say "Let It Snow" for I am ready for some colors instead of all this white. Thank goodness this is February and not least I know Spring is somewhere .... hopefully near future!

Since this is my first listing I am going to upload several cards I have made in the past. Sorry no real details. I use Copics to color and promise starting  next week I will add all the details I use to make a card. Please leave comments rather good or bad for I think constructive criticism is what allows us to grow! 



ThePurplePlace said...

Colleen - Your cards are all wonderful and tiy are very talented!

We also seem to have similar tastes in stamps colors and shop at some of the same stores! I actually own quite a few of the same stamps as YOU do! Why does that NOT surprise me! We seem to share a lot of things in common...especially crafting!

Your blog is looking wonderful, you doing fine! Please let me know what else I can do to help you out!


AMarburger32 said...

Colleen you have a lot of talent, do you take classes?

dahern2001 said...

your cards look absolutly wonderful....glad you enjoy making them.

JustYolie said...

Oh my you have created wonderful cards! Love the cupcake image! Thank you for visiting me and becoming a follower! {smiles}

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