Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Renae

Happy Friday everyone! Happy Birthday Nae! Yep my baby turned 35 today - Holy crappo did I say 35! I should be that age! It is true the older you get the faster time flies!

YAY three day weekend for those who live in the states. Hubby is home today because Baltimore is preparing for the  Grand Pix Race starting tomorrow and trying to get into the city is almost impossible.   DH's office over looks the Inner harbor and the streets the races are on - guess where we will be!?!  Yep,  food, drinks  and AC watching the race in comfort!

Today my creation is Renae's birthday card - sadly I am notoriously known to be late with sending my greeting cards to my family and friends. I had this card made before we left for vacation and well......

The adorable image "Happy Mail"  by Elisabeth Bell  I made a card very similar to this and changed the colors of her outfit and placing the bow between to eyelets created with a  Crop A Dile.
Copics: Skin E000, E00, E11. Green: GO5, GO3, G00, W00. Lavender: V25, V22, V20, V00. Grey/Mailbox: W3, W01, W00. Grass: YG25, YG23, YG67.
Memory Box Die: Whimsy Circle
Ribbon - Olfry


Monday, August 27, 2012

Birthday Wishes - Gina K

Happy Monday! New week already! Boy our vacation went super fast!  Hubby and I returned home from late Saturday night and on Sunday we went to see Cirque Du Soleil which was in Baltimore. If you ever have a chance to see one of the shows I highly recommend going for it is really awesome to watch all the different acts. It amazes me to see shows like this and the Olympics and see how far the human body can be stretched and perform feats that are totally unbelievable. 

On Friday we had our very own stunts in a 1941 Biplane! We did this in Cocoa Beach Florida and we did loops and rolls! I loved it but hubby had to quit after a few for his motion sickness started and well, I didn't want him sick and I surely didn't want to be thrown up on:) Pictures below!

Today my two cards are created using one of the "Natures Greetings Stamp Kit"  stamps.  Did you ever just want to make cards without thinking about it? Well, then this kit is for you! Nature's Greeting Stamp Kit includes; DVD with 6 complete card projects from start to finish! Stamp Set, Card Stock, Patterned Paper, Ribbon and brads. This is my own versions of one of the cards on the DVD.  The pretty paper is "Petals and Wings" one of the beautiful paper packs by Gina.  I do enjoy making these types of cards without complex images to color and they are quick and easy!  On the DVD are several techniques that are fun and easy peasy to create! You'll love it!

Pictures of hubby and I   This was the actual plane we went up and away in!

We had to wear parachutes since we would be doing aerobics! 
 Take off

Cocoa Beach

Those dots are cows

Road  and bridge from the mainland to Cocoa. This was right after a storm so it is still very cloudy at times. 

Cape Canaveral 

We are rolling!

And upside down in this photo!! It was awesome and so smooth. Nothing like a roller coaster:)

See the smile on my face! Look at my bangs - they are straight up in the air! 

Hope you enjoyed! 


Friday, August 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Trinity!

 Ok, don't faint for this is my third posting within a week! Ialso made it around to a few blogs and let me tell ya - I have some very talented frineds! I am aways blown away from all the fabulous creations and techniques everyone uses.
We are still on our vacation in Florida and having a blast! Wednesday we went parasailing! What an awesome experience and totally different then what you can imagine. You sit on the back of the boat with your legs straight and the leather seat is under you. You hold onto the straps and up and away you go!! It wasn't scarey at all and very peaceful. DH and I went up together and when we were at 800 feet we were able to talk as if we were in a very quiet room. The view was awesome - we spotted some sharks chasing a spool of fish, manatee's and a HUGE turtle. Being so high we were able to see the intercoastal waterway and ocean at the same time. Awesome! Yesterday we we did a Segway tour of Cape Canaveral. A segway is a motorized scooter that you stand on and it is soooo much fun. I will post a photo of it below. We went shopping in Cocoa Beach, Airboat in the St,.James River and seafood dinner in Melbourne! It was one awesome day. After we came home I wanted to ride the bikes we rented and was having a blast until I went over the handle bars:( Thank goodness it was night and no one saw me. I only scraped by elbow and knee and today there was no pain at all. Tomorrow on the way home we have a one hour reservation in an open cockpit biplane!! Oh Lord, I am so excited. We can request acrobatic flying where they roll the plane, fly upside down and a few other things but hubby gets motion sickness very easily and I don't want him throwing up all over me! No, j/k I really don't want to make him sick. It took a lot just to talk him into going up at all with me!
My card below was created using a Saturated Canary digi stamp for my granddaughter, Trinity's 11 year birthday on August 3. She is growing up to be a very fine young lady and so proud of her.  I colored SC digi with Copics and there will be a tutorial on coloring transparent balloons in the next issue of  "Through The Door Magazine"
This is what a Segway looks like
A lot of fun to ride. You steer it by leaning your body slightly forward, left or right and very easy to do. I would buy one except they cost $7,000.00 for the kind I would want.. Ummmm I don't think so!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Feel Better Soon

Hello everyone! On vacation yay!  DH and I landed in Orlando on Saturday night and drove straight to Vera Beach. This is the first year we have come here by ourselves without any of the grandchildren and I have to say we are enjoying ourselves! We rented bikes for the week and started a fun activity called "Geochaching"  Geocaching is an outdoor recreational activity in which the participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver or mobile device and other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers, called "geocaches" or "caches", anywhere in the world. A typical cache is a small waterproof container containing a logbook where the geocacher enters the date they found it and signs it. We found 7 of them here in Vera Beach!  Tomorrow we are going parasailing and I can't wait and  I'll let ya know how it was!

My get well card was created using the adorable image "Not So Hot" by Phindy's Place - .My Cameo cut the digi image out perfectly The easy directions to cut with the Cameo is found in the paper craft magazine "Through The Craft Room Door". You will also receive 13 free digi's!

I used stripe card stock to make it look like wall paper and place a thin strip of brown at the bottom to give the appearance of baseboard and I embossed the tan paper. Colored with Copics. 
Hope you have a great day!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Mom, Forever my friend

Hello happy Campers! This is a day I have waiting for because in 4 hours we will be on a plane to our time share in Florida! I am so looking forward to this vacation. This is the first vacation in years where it will only be DH and me. . Usually we have grandchildren, parents, kids, dogs but not this time and we so need a vacation! 

My card today is using an Elisabeth Bell rubber stamp called Happy Mail Peeker. . EB is one of my all time favorite stamp artists and I love this cutie. My mom is 86 and lives 2000 miles away in Arizona. I miss her dearly and I know one of the things her and my father look forward to is mail:) My mom has been my best friend all of my life and I couldn't have asked for a better friend or mother. Thanks MOM!

Paper: First Edition - Spring Feast. I love these paper pads for the subtle colors and half the pad has glittery effects.
Copics: Skin 000, 00, E11 RV10. Hair: E36, E31 and E 50. Pink: RV 23, RV 21 and Shinhart RP 137. Blue: B95, B93, B60, Basket Planter: E91, E13, E21
Die cuts: Spellbinders and Cheery Lynn.
Ribbon: Olfry
Machine sown around the border
Sentiment: Stash Rub on


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Love My Cameo! Your a Rock Star!

Hello beautiful people! It has been quite awhile since I have posted or blog hop to visit with you and I missed you.  Where have I been? Well, that is not an easy question for I haven't gone anywhere. I have been here in my own little world doing a whole bunch of nothing. You know sometimes I wonder just how much I should reveal or share on my blog for anyone or everyone else to read. Should I put my political or religious views? Should I talk opening about problems, health, families, friends or me?   Does it really matter or does anyone bother to read what we write. I know my friends do but what about the ones who just blog hop? . Do you forget about the persons blog you just visited or did they write something that caught your attention? I don't know the answers. I am a pretty open person and I do share things for if it helps just one person then it is worth it to me.    Have you ever seen the commercial where they say "depression hurts"  it is so true and it takes everything you have to climb back up out of a dark hole that has a hold on you. The past few days I have been able to see the light again and oh gosh it feels good. Abbie, my granddaughter and I  had manicures, pedicures and our hair cut today. We were pampered and we loved every minute!    This afternoon, I grab a cup of coffee,  sat out in the sunshine with the grandkids and dogs running all around - heaven!

This is a card I made for  my grandson, Travis who turned 11 this year. Guess what? Everything on this card was cut out with my Cameo, Silhouette including the digi! Look how good it cut him out right up to the line and you can learn how to do this in the current issue of  Through The Craft Room Door! The stars and Rock star were also cut with the Cameo...I love this machine.  I even took an rubber stamp, stamp, scanned and cut it out with my Cameo to perfection!  Anyhow Travis will always be a rock star in my eyes! He is one character who has you laughing all the time!
Paper are digitally colored paper.
Copics: Hair: E35, E23, E21, Skin: E000, E00, E11. Shirt: YG25, YG23, YG21. Pants: B95. B93, B91. Shoes: C02, CO1 WOO

Today was the first day of Through The Craft Room weekly challenge and the theme is: School.


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