Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Abbie!

Happy Monday everyone! It is officially fall here in the states and I am loving it. There are only a very few tree's that have started to turn their colors. The weather is gorgeous with sunny skies and temperatures in the 70's - perfect-perfect-perfect.

Since my last posting I have been to an ENT and Audiologist and was diagnose with BPPV which is Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo. Cause could be anything from head injury to idiopathic which means no known cause. They did a few maneuvers with my head to relieve the symptoms which for the most part is working. I keep feeling like I am going to go into an attack but it doesn't totally develop - thank goodness! It is the worst sensation ever to have the room appear as if it is spinning and furniture floats  past you on an angle in slow motion and you don't have any balance. Horrible feeling:(

The brain tumors are not related to the BVVP.  My husband picked up the DVD from the hospital with my MRI, MRA and CAT scan and of course I had to look at them.  The tumors stick out like sore thumbs and very hard not to miss.Everyone keeps asking me if I made the appointment yet for the second opinion and I say "no".  This shocks most but I am waiting for a few recommendations and doing research on practically every neurosurgeon in the Baltimore area. I had no problem choosing an ENT for they can't kill me or cause permanent damage. If someone is going to operate on my brain - I want a physician who has done this type of surgery countless of times with a good outcome rate. I can't just pick someone from the yellow pages - kwim? So dear friends, please give me a little time to digest it all and make good sound decisions. It's hard to sit here and fathom it all and wonder what is happening inside of my head. I had to quit work because I have anomic aphasia which is problems recalling words or names. I often use circumlocutions (speaking in a roundabout way) in order to express a certain word for which I cannot remember the name. I was told this was common with fibromyalgia - fibro fog, but now I am wondering. My headaches are worst and I wonder. My hearing is 30% worst and I am wondering. So to say the least I have a lot of questions to ask but want to ask the right person. 

Ok, enough of that and onto happy thoughts!  My granddaughter, Abbie turned 7 and Andrew, her brother turned 5 this month and they had a HUGE private party at a movie theater!! Oh my gosh there were 30 kids there running this way and that way!! They were very good once the Madagascar 3, the movie started playing! But let me tell ya - they each had popcorn and you literally could not see the floor when it was over! They had a blast and that is all that counts! 

This is Abbie's birthday card which I added the verse and sentiment to the bottom. I love the way it turned out!

Copic Markers for coloring: Skin E11, E00, E000.  Green: G02, G23, G00. Pants: R85, R83, R81, R21. 
Paper: First Edition - Spring Drop
Ribbon - Olfry
Flowers from stash
Isn't she the sweetest!?!

If you haven't watched the video above - please take a look at it:) This is the best issue and there are 19 FREE DIGI'S. You have access to all the previous issues,  video's and so much more. If you are not happy with it I will prorate your money back to you. But I am not worry about that for I know you will just love everything about the magazine and all the previous issues. Come on!!


Monday, September 10, 2012


Happy Monday! Did you all have a good weekend?  Mine was a nightmare - Friday morning when I got out of bed. I stood up and I had the sensation the  room was spinning and whirling all around me and it lasted about15 seconds.  It happened a few more times during the day but only lasted a few seconds each time. Friday night I laid down and whammo it happened again and it didn't go away. The room felt like it was spinning around me and my vision was distorted at the same time. I couldn't find the bed post to hold onto because it was bouncing up and down in my vision and I ended up falling on the floor. It probably only lasted a minute but felt like an eternity and it scared me enough to go to the ER. They did a CAT Scan and  the ER doctor says "I have bad news for you, you have a brain tumor" WHAT? He showed me the CAT Scan and sure enough there was a white out section and I was admited so I would have an MRI and see a neurosurgeon ASAP. My husband and I were in a state of shock to say the least. On Saturday they did the MRI and MRA  and I was taken back down 4 hours later for another MRI. The neurologist came and saw me Saturday night and announced I had two different types of tumors. TWO????  You got to be kidding me. He wrote an order for a consult with a  neurosurgeon to come see me. To make the rest of this long story short - the neurosurgeon arrived late Sunday night and told me they were benign tumors, were not the cause of my symptoms and small and I didn't require surgery at this time but would need an MRI every 6 months to a year.  So after 48 hours of terror that part was finally over.

I want to thank everyone for the prayers, good wishes and the awesome friendship bestowed upon me. I have the best friends in the world and cannot imagine a world without you - thank you , you made it all bearable and love you .

 I am sitting here in my hospital bed still having vertigo when I mov my head in different directions. Everyone put the reason I came to the hospital on hold when the tumors were found. So we will see.... maybe they will send me home today and tell me to see a specialist as an out patient. I'm kind of tired of looking at four walls...

This is a card I made my father several weeks ago and to be honest I forget everything I used to make it and all the info is at home. It's funny for when I saw this image it instantly reminded me of my father who is 89 years old. He has no butt and his blue jeans were always falling off of his waist and he never sat still - after work and weekends and was always tinkering with something in the house.

  I love the paper I found in my stash for it looks just like ceramic tile!
And, even though my father really doesn't look like the below image - it still reminded me him because he is always spilling his coffee. 

So hopefully I get to go home today or they find out what is causing this vertigo either way have a great week!

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