Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Another Tuesday!

Hello everyone! Did you get everything accomplished today? Not me! If I ever did, what I planned on doing for the day, I would go into a state of shock! I always have big plans, and they are usually  the same plans day after day for they weren't done! Story of my life lately! Tomorrow they just might get done! uh huh!

Tip of the day: Digi's.  I believe if you use an illustrator's digi in your project, you should give them credit.  They would like to be recognize for their work even if it's a freebie! To make it easier to remember who did what .. make folders with their names and download the digi to their folder. Lately, I have been labeling my folders with their web address, which makes it even easier for me to link their digi's to in my posting!  Unfortunately, I did not do this and feel really bad not giving credit. I have hundreds of images, mostly freebies, if I didn't find them, my friend, Lisa did! 

The dragon on the skateboard, which is about 3 cards down from here, was recognize by Danni. I corrected my entry and gave the very talented Dustin Pike credit and to boot, it is a freebie on his blog! If you recognize the digi below, please tell me who!

Challenge: Party Time Tuesdays: "anything goes" birthday card. Cute Card Tuesday: Something recycle and it's my ribbon.

  • Cryogen white paper
  • DP: DCWV Garden Party
  • Roses and flowers Prima
  • Ribbon: from a gift
  • Everything else is from my stash
  • Copic Markers
    • Green: G00, G03, G05, G07, G09
    • Orange: YR02, YR04. YR16, YR18
    • Yellow: Y00, Y02, Y04 
 Thank you for looking! I read all my comments, it is my "high" of the day!

      Monday, June 28, 2010

      Happy Monday

      Hello everyone! I hope you had a great day and with lots of sunshine in your life!  Nothing new here except getting ready for my daughter to arrive on Wednesday with my two grandchildren, Abbie, is four and Andrew two. They are loads of fun. Abbie and I have tea parties at her little table. She gathers all her teddies and any other stuff animal she can find and places them just perfectly in place.  Sometimes you have to be quiet for we are in the movies and her friends (stuff animals) have to be able to hear! Andrew joins right in with his tea cup in hand and listens intently to what ever his big sister says. So dang cute, I tell ya.  She cracked me up the last time! The plastic tea set has a tea kettle and she goes and puts water in it and pours the tea into your cup! One day she said "grandma, I am not giving Pah Pah anymore tea" why Abbie? "Because he does this" and she holds the tea cup to her lips and pretends she is drinking. "Well, Abbie how do you know he really doesn't drink it and you just don't see him doing it?" she puts her hands on her hips and says "It is very OBVIOUS when he gives me back the cup and it still has water in it!" Oh lord, it took everything I had not to burst out laughing! A bundle of joy.

      Tip of the day:  Did you know you can color your rubber stamps with Copic markers? You use your markers to color the rubber stamp. Since Copic's dry very quickly you need to do one of two things. You can either cup your hands around the stamp and huff on it, like you do when trying to get your hands warm from the cold.  Or you can take a mister, spray bottle and spray water into the air and quickly place your stamp where the mist is falling.  Let me know if that is not clearly written and I will help you. Sometimes you think people should know what your talking about and they are clueless.....I am usually the clueless one!!

      My card today is yet another simple card and I love it! I made it for a dear friend to let her know how close I am in case she needs me!  When I saw this Karen Doodles digital image, I had to have it, for it made me smile big time! I hope you smile when you see it! Double click on the picture so you can see how I made the car shine with Diamond Glaze!

      Is thiscute or what? I love it!!

      • DP:MOD "Daisy's in Quote"
      • Prima: Say it with Pearls
      • Flower: Prima
      • Copic Markers
        • Gray: C00, C1, C3, C5
        • Red: R22, R24, R27, R39
        • Yellow: Y00, Y02, Y04, Y08
        • Road: W0, W1, W3
        • Pink for ear: R20, R22
        • Scarf: R22, R24
        • Blue: B24, B26, B28
      • Cryogen White Paper
      • Diamond Glaze to the car!
      Thank you very much for looking! I read every comment for they are so dear to me! Happy Tuesday to ya!

      Sunday, June 27, 2010

      Teddy Bear Birthday Card

      Can you believe this was the last weekend of June... Holy Moly!

      Each posting I am going to have either items on sale or tip of the day. It can be anywhere from Copics to a simple tutorial.

      Tip of the day:  Copic Markers

      The number one question when starting to buy Copic Markers are "what should I buy first"  These are my recommendation for starting a Copic collection.
      • E000, E00, E11 - Flesh tones for Caucasian skin. R20 for blush 
      • Y00 or Y11, Y02, Y04, Y08 - Yellow
      • E29, E25, E35, E50 -Browns for wood and hair
      • R22, R26, R29 - bright red
      • YG21, YG24 - Green for grass and plants
      • B21, B24, B27, B29 for bright blue.
      • RV 00, RV21, RV25 - Bright pink .
      • C00, C1, C3 -  mimics "white" clothing and can add depth and a shadow to the outside of your image
      • V12, V15, V17 - purples
      • YR12, YR15, YE17
      • Copic Blender is a must have to lighten or remove color. 
      Remember you should have three markers in the same color family 2-4 numbers apart.  This is so you can create shadow and light areas to create a 3 D look. For example:  blue's you could eliminate B29 or B21 depending on the depth of color you are looking to create!

      Hope this helps

      I have a delightful birthday card for you and entering it into two challenges. The first one is Party Time Tuesdays! I love this blog for only birthday cards are allowed! Each challenge I make a birthday card with a specific person in mind. Yea! From this moment forward I just might be on time sending them! This weeks challenge is red, white and blue!

      Second challenge is for Teddy-Stampers! Yep, you have to have a teddy bear on your card! No problem for me for I love teddy bears! This weeks challenge is a summer time theme! Another simple and clean card!

      •  Cryogen Paper for coloring 
      • Copic Markers
        • Red: R22, R24, R27, R29
        • Blues: B21, B24, B26, B29
        • Momma Bear: E71, E74, E77
        • Little Girl Bear: E25, E35, E19, E11
        • Grass: G40, YG23, YG25
        • Stump: E25, E27,  E34
      •  DP: Basic Grey
      • Ribbon: Stash
      • Cuttle Bug folder
      • Nestabilities Circles and scallop circles
       Thank you for looking and have a great week!

      Saturday, June 26, 2010

      Clean and simple Birthday Card

      Hello Blog Land

      This weekend I will be posting several cards for I had issue with my camera all week. Hopefully, it will work now. Don't you just hate it when you pay a little extra with the belief you will get extra quality with it!! My little point and shoot took better pictures and no issues until I dropped it :(

      Today, I made a very simple birthday card for one of my grandsons. No thrills nor frills on this one, but I love it! It is so nice to make the fresh clean simple cards once in awhile!

      I do apologize for I have no clue where I obtained this image. I thought it might be one of Karen Doodles and couldn't find it on her web site. So if you recognize it, please inform me so I can give credit to the illustrator of this excellent digi!

      UPDATE: 6/28: Thank you to Danni I know the illustrator of my image. It is Dustin Pike and it is one of his freebies! I love his art for it is for kids and we are all kids at heart!

      Challenge: Simply Scrapping Crafts: Copic Challenge. Very sad at Simply Scrapping today because all of the copic lessons and images were lost. We are talking months of  lessons and postings.  Lisa Futch, the Copic instructor put a lot of time and energy into the classes, so lets hope .Ning has back-ups!

      • Copics:
        • Green: G85, G82, G40
        • Blue: B29, B26, B24, B21
        • Red; R29, R27, R24, R21
        • Black: C7, C5, C3,  C1
      • DP: Basic Grey
      • Button: Basic Grey
      • Sentiment: 3 Birds Clear Stamps
      • Ribbon: Olfry
      Thank you for looking!

      Monday, June 21, 2010

      Christmas Elisabeth Bell and Winner of Bella Design Blog Hop

      Today I couldn't put off bathing my dogs,  Simba and Baily any longer. Simba is done and getting ready to do Baily! I just  love it after they have their baths for they smell so clean and fresh! I use Johnson baby shampoo on their faces to protect their eyes and ahhhh I love that smell! 

      Did you know Elisabeth Bell is having a new release on Friday over at SCACD . YEA, I love her images...who doesn't? If you haven't been to Follow Your Heart blog, you will want to run over there! For answering one question you will be placed in a random drawing for the candy!!! What's the candy? Elisabeth Bell's whole new release set for SCACD!!! Run!  I was trying to choose which EB stamp I love the most and it's the one I am using today! Special Edition Ornament Collection from SCACD, Thinking about it prompt me to make a Christmas card! Wow, that was a mouthful! I want to start making a couple Christmas cards per week. Last year I had all this time and all of sudden Christmas came and went!

      Doesn't she take your breath away!  I adore this stamp and you can do so many things with it.  I even made a BD card by changing the colors and package.

      • If The Shoe Fits: Circle, Gem and Paint.
      • Simply  Simply Scrapping Crafts under Copics. To shadow your image and if you look real hard you will see it! I think I used my blender pen a little too much!


      • DP: Basic GreyWassail paper Pad
      • Copics
        • Reds:  R39, R37. R35, R32
        • Skin: E000, E00 E01
        • Hair: C7, C5, C3
        • Green: G000, G00, G01
        • Prima Flowers
        • Prima Roses
        • Nestability Dies, Oval, Scallop
        • Nestability Corner Die
       I have a winner for the Bella Design Studio Blog Hop and it is Tracey  who was #16.  I have the random generator inserted on my right side bar! This was my personal gift for joining me on the blog hop!  It is a five dollar Gift Certificate for Seven Kids College Fund! Congratulations Tracey!! 48 hours to claim...  I left a little note on her blog to jump on over here!

      See you tomorrow and have a great night! Thank you for stopping by to see me! I read each and every comment and it just does the sole good!

      Saturday, June 19, 2010


      Sorry another long one!

      Wahoo, it's the weekend!! Ya know, I don't work outside of the home anymore and still there is something about the weekends, which  makes you feel TGIF!  Is it because all the stress, work, etc.  should be done for the week and Monday you can start a brand new week?  dunno!  Oh well,  last night was a good night! Hubby and I went out to dinner and then I join some girls for Stamp'n up party. We made some really cute cards!  Any how, this was one heck of a stressful week and I am super glad to chill out and lay back a little!

      I have to tell  you though what my hubby said tonight and then I have some exciting news for ya! How were you before you started making card, as far as keeping the house cleaned.  My hubby used to tell everyone "I got up in the middle of the night to use the BR and when I came back the bed was made"  and my dad would say "I was reading the newspaper, went to get a cup of coffee, went back to read it and it was gone, had to go get it out of the trash!" ha ha ha. I am sure, DH wishes those days were still here because things have changed since I have entered into the world of card making! Ok, so here's what he said!. First off you have to know my dogs always lay by my feet under my desk.. Well, tonight DH comes up into the office, as serious as a heart attack, and sits down at his desk and looks at me and says "I would like to inform you about something" and I'm thinking "inform me" when did we get so formal? And, after this week of pure stress, I stared at him scared to death of what he might say.  I could feel my heart racing and my eyes watering and very quietly said "what?"  He is so dang serious and he says "Simba came down stairs and for the past half hour, I have been cleaning all the glitter and sticky things off of his a** and you have to be a little bit more careful.  He is so serious and I looked at him and I LOST it. I laughed so dang hard and long my ribs hurt! And, then to top it off.... he looks at me and says "what's so funny" which only cracked me up more!!  You gotta luv him!

      Ok, so here is my news. Todays card was made using a digital image from Kenny K's Krafty Girlz,
      and let me tell have to go check out this web site and Illustrator!  For now, the only link which works in the challenge blog is the "Kenny K's Shop". Look around and you will  see everything is in place and ready to start the challenge blog! The challenge rules are posted, blinkie for the DT and the top 3 are all in place.....everything is ready to go!  Trust me, you are going to be impress! When you enter the shop, you are going to see the cutest, sassiest, sweetest digi's ever! I especially love  "Diva"  for she reminds me so much of my daughters and her face, especially her eyes are so beautiful! That is not the end! If you go to Kenny's web site  you will see he has done quite a list of things including: comic books, animations and if I sat here and typed everything he does.... I would still be sitting here until tomorrow morning! As you are looking around you will say to yourself  "I don't get it!" Why is this very talented man, who has loads of projects, starting a craft challenge blog. At this point click on the "about Kenny and Elena" which is at the top of the page and you will finish saying "wow, that is awesome!" Nope, not going to tell will have to go read it for yourself!!  After reading all the goodies will see there is a DT call! If you apply "Good Luck to you!"

      Introducing "Diva"
      •  DP: Scrapbook Walls 
      •  Ribbon: Olfry
      • Charm; Blue Moon
      • Flowers: Prima
        • Copics: 
          • Hair E35, Y21, Y23, YR23
          • Skin: E11, E00, E000
          • Shirt: R07, YR04, YR02, YR000
          • Pants: G00, G05, GO2, G00
          • Shoes:W1, W01
      • Stickles: shoes and belt
      • Diamond Glaze applied to eyes to give them a shine
      That's all Folks for it is almost 7AM and I am ready to go to bed ...another all nighter! Thank you for stopping in and reading and commenting on my blog. I read all the comments and they touch my heart!

      Thursday, June 17, 2010

      Miss Daisy!

      Good morning! Grab your coffee for I have a few things to say!First, is your day starting out right? Since I have been up for 36 hours, I am not sure if this is my morning, noon or night. I tell ya, this insomnia has to go! The past two days have been over the top with stress and when you don't think the day can get any does. If ya been watching my blogs, you know hubby has been having severe back, leg and knee pain. I mean the kind of pain where he can hardly walk and it keeps him up all night. They think it might be a herniated disc and had an MRI done Tuesday. Well, Last night  I am sitting here coloring away and I hear boom, boom, crash, a loud moan followed by a few choice words. I flew to the stairway and there he is at the bottom of the steps and just looking at him you felt his pain.. ..let me tell ya, talking about a heart attack, if I am not dead after the last 30 hours, I am not going anywhere fast! The good news, he isn't any worst then before he felled. We hope!

      Okay, Item number two! You know, sometimes our lives are so over filled with life events, everything is going haywire, and you feel you can't take another thing and your head is going to spin off... you know what I mean? Well, when we are at that point, we sometimes forget to remember the good things we do have. Well, today I am going to speak of one of my good things. It's a person, whom most of you know and trust me, if she has been in a blog, chat, class or anywhere you know her! This person came into my life quite awhile back now and I am bless because of  it. For I know, no matter what, this person will not put words into my mouth, I haven't spoken, talk behind my back or try to make me look bad. She is a listener, a supporter and always right there when I need her! And, when she leaves a comment on a blog, card, technique or what ever... you know she's been there!! For she takes the time, to praise each and every one, no matter if she knows you or not, and when she leaves her beautiful comments, you know it  for sometimes  it looks like a book! She takes that one extra moment to leave beautiful comments and tries her best, to make you feel good about yourself. I am sure, most of you know whom I am speaking of and yes, it is Lisa Haines, more famously known as "The Purple Place"  You guessed didn't ya? LOL, She is truly a friend and I just want to thank her today. for being just true friend!! Love ya girl!

      Okay, what your really waiting to see is Miss Daisy, the sweetest, fun digital image to play with. She is from the collection "The Little Bit".  Entering the Party Time Tuesday challenge and this week anything goes but, it still has to be a B/D card! Which is great with me for I always need birthday cards! Fun blog to belong to and last week I was chosen as one of the top three!! That made me smile!  I think it is an awesome idea to have a blog and the only thing you make are birthday card! Awesome!

      I am really happy with the way this turned out!   Talking about Lisa!! She made a card with a little bow on it and I asked her yesterday "how were you able to make your bow so small?" She sent me a link where you can buy them!!! I tell ya, she cracks me up and a real hoot at times!! I made these bows all by myself and it only took me a half hour to get it right! Using an ice pick...yep, you read it right, an ice pick, I poked a hole on each side of her waist, gave her a cloth belt using a need threader to guide it through. Do you like her as much as me?  Ok, I am done yaking away!

      • Copic markers:
        • Skin E000, E00, E11
        • Dress and socks B39, B37, B34, B32
        • Hair: Prisma Color Pencils
        • Charm; Blue Moon at Susana Custom Art and Card Design
          • Thank you dear friend for sending me a goodie bag with the pink roses in it!
        •  Roses: Prima at SCACD
        • Nestability: Scallop Oval, Large Scallop Square
        • Ribbon and paper from stash
      Have a great day and thank you for stopping in!

      Monday, June 14, 2010

      Blog Hop Day!

      Good morning! Are we ready to do some hopping today and win some candy!  First thing I would like to do is tell everyone who entered the challenge this week did an awesome job! The cards were so pretty, bright and cheerful and I wish all of you good luck! Thank you so much for participating and hope you will keep joining us!

      The card I made for you today is in the Little Wings Collection and it is Flit and Pickle. Is she not the cutest thing you ever did see? I luv Pickle and she is so much fun to color and play with! And, if you haven't been to the blog yet this week you will see a whole lot of new images that Daphne has created. You surely will not know which one you will like the best for each one is awesome.  The sentiment on the card reads "Hello my friend" and it is in the image itself!  Easy Peasy card to make and the sweetest thing!  Love it!.

      • DP stash
      • Ribbon: Olfry, Red Satin
      • Rose and flower: Prima
      • Border Punch: Martha Stewart
      • Butterflies: My favorite store E-bay!
      • Coloring Copics: 
      I will randomly pick someone who leaves a comment to a five dollar gift certificate to Bella Design Studio! Good luck with all the great things you can win today!
        Next stop on the hop is Katie.  Don't forget to keep your eye out for that special flashing blinkie and comment on it!

        In case you lose your way here is the order of the blog hop!

        Sunday, June 13, 2010

        Field of Dreams

        Did everyone enjoy the weekend? With hubbies hip and knee hurting we stayed home and I  made my crafting area a bigger mess than what it started out today!! Some times you get tired of straightening it every day! Back home is Pittsburgh we don't say "did you straighten your room up" instead it is "Did you red up your room?" or "I red up the kitchen" instead of "I cleaned the kitchen". Pittsburgh has it's own dictionary of words! Yinz for you, Gum band for rubber band and the list goes on and on and in a future post, I will name most of them! Anywho, I grew up in Pittsburgh and if you are born and raised in Pittsburgh you don't live anywhere else!! If someone asks me where am I from... I don't say Maryland, Ohio, Michigan or Florida, which are all the states I have lived in...No, I am from Pittsburgh and anyone else from the Burg will tell you the same thing.

        Teddy Stampers challenge has to have a teddy bear on it along with the bi-weekly challenge.  The current challenge is "movie inspiration" hmmmm, I looked at my teddy bears and couldn't think of a single movie.  So off shopping we go!  I found the cutest digital image yesterday at Karen Doodles and thought OK!, "Field of Dreams" for they have baseball uniforms on!   As I am ready to color I think ..need to color them black and gold for Pittsburgh Pirates! So I  colored everything  black and gold (yellow) and no DP to match it!  So it is time to get creative here. I found a one piece of  yellow and black ribbon and taped them together and the mojo is kicking in! I found a small piece of black and silver paper and went Yesiree! And,  I am on a roll now until I noticed my black and silver paper has skull and crossbones on it. No problem, I will just cover them up with embellishments and cut my paper so you can't see any of them!! After I had every single skull and crossbones covered!   Yep, it hit me!  What is the name of my home baseball team? Yep, the pirates and what represents pirates....skulls and bones! DUH!  Another half hour uncovering as many as I could!

         Karen Doodles Website has the cutest, funniest and adorable stamps. I just loved them! Their  challenge is to  have dry or wet embossing.  Copics  challenge at Simply Scrapping Crafts  you need to color something black!

        All my supplies were from my stash.
        Thank you so much for stopping by and looking. Hope I made you smile!

        Thursday, June 10, 2010

        Little Wings, Pickles

         Good Afternoon everyone. I was outside most of the day with my two dogs, Simba and Bailey. Their pictures are on my side bar. We do not have a fenced in yard and so every once in awhile they look at each other and you know it is going to happen and off they go! They act so big and brave when they are together with their mighty weight of 15 pounds. Our next door neighbor put a motion detector, water sprinkler in their front yard because of  people letting their cats roam free. Well,  the boys took off and headed right over to the neighbors  house with their heads held high and ready for action! They walked right in front of the sprinkler! Bailey got sprayed first and he jump in the air backwards and came running home with his tail tucked underneath and jumped in  my arms!! Simba didn't know what happened so he looks around, sniffs here and there and he moves his paw!!! Splish went the sprinkler and he was home on the deck faster then you can shake a stick scared to death!! I was laughing so hard I thought I was going to pee my pants! They keep us entertained each and every day!

        I had fun doing this cute birthday card  using   Pickles Wishes,  Little Wings Collection  over at Bella Design Studio. She is all dress up and ready to party! Bring on the cake! She is being entered into two challenges today. The first one Party Time Tuesdays and their challenge is a birthday card with a visible number.  Pickels wishes came to my mind immediately with her little pendant in from of her! Second challenge is Simply Scrapping Crafts in the Copic Group and the recipe is 3 DP's, Ribbon and 3 buttons. I am not a buttons person but they're there...look closely!  I am using the balloons from Bella Design Studio!  Have you been there yet? If you haven't you need to go see the wonderful digi's they are offering for they are very cute. In the past two days Daphne, the owner has been adding more and more digi's and practically every day she will have new ones available. She has added background, flowers, more characters like Wishes below, ballons, B/D cakes and the cutest digi characters  You will  have to come back and see the new Daisy I will be doing. Oh my gosh too cute!

        • Basic Grey/Merrakech paper pad. I love these 6 x 6 pads
        • Glitter LinerPen by Viva @  Susana Custom Art and Card Supply  It is much more glittery then Stickles and is 3 D. I love it!
        • Copics:
          • Dress: B32, B34, B37, B39
          • Skin: E000, E00, E11
          • Ballon: E09,, E08 E07, E04 .....E04 is not the same color group as E07 and above.
          • Ribbon: Olfry, Galena Opal...very pretty and shimmering
          • Angle Wings: Viva Glitter pen
          • Diamond Glaze on the balloons to make them shine!
         One last  note! If you visit my friend, Sharon's blog you will see beautiful pictures of Cape Town, South Africa where the 2010 FIFA World Cup is being held! The pictures are awesome and you can hear and see the excitement through Sharon own words! This is quite an honor for Cape Town and  people from all over the world will be watching! The lights, the flowers and  much more is so beautiful and you will love the way Sharon talks about her home town! Enjoy!!

        Tuesday, June 8, 2010

        Red, White and Blue

        It is gorgeous here and it feels wonderful! Yesterday, after the opening of Bella's studio I went outside and dug, pulled and tugged every weed in the yard!! I never thought pulling weeds would feel wonderful but it did! Just being out in the sun all day was so soothing to me and did me wonders! Did you make it over to Bella's Studio yesterday  and see the awesome free image, Wish Pickles? Isn't she just adorable and make you smile when you look at her? The challenge this week is to make a card using Wish Pickles! How awesome is that? The person who wins will receive a $10.00 gift certificate and 3 top entries will be chosen by Daphne and one person out of the three will be a guest designer!! You have to admit those are awesome prizes! So come on over!!

        Red, White and Blue! I was thinking yesterday how colors have an impact in our seasons, holidays, and so many other things in our lives like wedding gowns are white! In the summer time, here in the States, we see red, white and blue everywhere celebrating Memorial Day and  4th of July. You hardly see these colors together in the winter. You know it is October and Halloween when you see orange and black showing up. Then beautiful Christmas with the bright red and greens with all the other colors mixed in between! Food for thought!

        I actually made this card for two challenges but, when I finished,  I realize it was too late to post it to the one and their requirements of course was the red, white and blue! The second challenge is over at SCC in the Copic group and you had to use the color black! I used Alexa from the Victoria Case, Hearts and Hugs Collection made exclusively for SCACD.  Doesn't she look all summery and ready for any celebration?

        • DP: None used. Plain Cardstock with Cryogen White
        • Border punch: Martha Stewart
        • Roses: Prima
        • Ribbon: Michaels, American Collection
        • Leaves: Martha Stewart punch
        • Nestabilitiy Die
        • Brads: Basic Grey
        • Coloring: Copics
          • Red: R32, R35. R37,R39
          • Blues: B32, B34, B37, B39
          • Skin: E000, E00, E11, R20 
          • Flowers: too many!

        Monday, June 7, 2010

        Opening Day

        Today's the official opening of Bella Digi Design Studio! I am so excited to be apart of this wonderful adventure on the DT! You are going to love the digi's and Daphne is very busy drawing future digi's for you. She has a slew of sentiments and backgrounds ready!

        We have a challenge all ready for you to play! And it only gets better!! For the challenge you can download the digi for free!!! This is a real sweetie pie name Pickles and she has the most fun looking grins...she just makes you smile looking at her! So what are you waiting for ....come on over to Bella's Digi Design Studio  and I'll meet ya there!  But, first take a look at Pickles  ...isn't she a cutie pie! She is holding a pail full of wishes just for you!! She would make the best birthday, graduation, wedding cards....anything that is special and happy! I luv her!

        • Prima Roses
        • Ribbon: Martha Stewart
        • Flowers: Prima
        • Flower soft
        • Copic Markers
        • Blue Moon Heart
        • Market Stewart leaf punch

        Sunday, June 6, 2010

        One more day!

        Good morning everyone! It is 2 AM here and I just finished cleaning the downstairs! Yeppers! I am as night owl as they come! It is funny for when I lived in Michigan I volunteered to go on 3rd shift. They didn't do 12 hours shifts in the hospitals up there or back then...which ever!!! To make a long story short I couldn't handle it! I would try sleeping as soon as I got home, waited until 12 or 3 and no matter what time I went to bed, four hours later I was up...weird huh? I was always sick too and five years later when I quit doing it...I was back to good health and loving life! What I have learned though is my best, deepest sleep is from 5 am to about 1 noon. Those are perfect hours for me! Yet, when I was on days, I had no problem getting up at 5 am and getting ready for work and I was never late....well, maybe by 5 minutes a few times, but not from sleeping in!

        Ok, are you ready for another look at what Bella Digi Design is all about? I tell ya the images are so different from one another and so versatile you will absolutely love them! Daphne has been working non-stop to get ready for weeks to come! Don't forget Monday for you can download a free one and if you scroll down to the end of the post you will see a peek!

        Meet Daisy from the Little Bits Collection at Bella Digi Design!  Doesn't she have the sweetest face ever? I love  how she looks up at you with those big soft eyes!  I had a lot of fun coloring her and wondering what sentiment would go best and decided "Warmest Wishes" for she warms your heart!!  So I am going to be entering her over at  Party Time Tuesdays for their very first challenge! This week they are doing  Anything Goes Birthday and all you have to do is have a birthday greeting/sentiment on the front of your card. How easy is that!!!      Don't forget to go peek at the bottom for your free download on Monday!!

        Here's your peek!  Doesn't she look yummy!

        See you later today!

        Saturday, June 5, 2010

        Piddle and Diddle!

        It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood! Remember Mr. Rogers? He didn't live to far from me in PA and used to frequent a local dinner. I remember we were eating and my daughter started screaming "Look mommy, It's Mister Rogers!!" 'Ah, those were the days when the children were small and you could just hug them any old time! Sure do miss them for they all live in different states!

        Less than 48 hours until the opening of Bella Digi Design Studio!!! Not only will the store be officially opening on Monday but there will be a brand new digital release and guess what? You will be able to download her for free!! Yes, FREE! How cool is that? Wait until you see "her"  Rut oh did I say her? Oppps so now you know it's a her! She is so adorable and lots of fun to color! And guess what else? You can color her and enter her into the stores very first challenge ever at BDDS so come on over and get your free digi on Monday and have some fun with us!   Make sure you click onto the blog sfter you enter the store to see what is in store for YOU!!! Tomorrow I will give you a peek at "her"  Now LQQk below and see Piddles and Diddles from the Little Wings collection at BDDS. Is she not precious? Oh and what fun I had coloring her and look at Diddles! Fun, Fun digi!!

        Friday, June 4, 2010

        3 more days

        Yes, 3 more days and Bella Digi Design Studio will be officially open and with a brand new digi! And, that's not the only thing happening on Monday. Daphne, designer/owner of BDDS will have a challenge she made waiting for you when you get there!  The DT doesn't even know what the challenge is!!! Could it be color combination, a sketch, we have no clue and won't know until we get there just like you!!!

        I have been coloring and making cards for two days wouldn't know it by looking at my blog eh?  But, I have been and have two more to make before the night is through! I promise DH I would do no crafts this weekend. I can feel the withdraw symptoms already!  This card I am showing you tonight was not made for any challenges, stores nor friends and love ones. I made it because I love this stamp! If you scroll down a few days ago you will see the same stamp on a different card! Her name is Little Rapunzel from the Elisabeth Bell digital collection. She is just a joy to color for I love her face, her clothes, everything about this stamp!  Simple Crafting Crafts sent me this beautiful  DP and a whole lot of other things for being May's Designer of the Month and I finally had the chance to use it! Isn't it pretty with the butterflies and colors. I think so!  Have you visited SCC yet? Only come if you like fun, challenges galore, Copic Classes and much, much more! In fact Bella Digi Design Studio is a group over at SCC now! You have to come to see all the new things going on!

        DP: Made by Prima, Umbrella Collection, Butterfly Wings.  I found it here for  $.80 for 12 x 12 sheets.
        Martha Steward Border punch
        Martha Steward Scroll punch
        Martha Stewart Leaf punch
        Nestabilites Circle and Scallop
        Prima flowers and roses
        Prima Jewels
        Copic Markers!

        Whew didn't know I had so many things by Martha! Have a great weekend see your real soon!

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