Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Monday

Hello everyone! I hope you had a great day and with lots of sunshine in your life!  Nothing new here except getting ready for my daughter to arrive on Wednesday with my two grandchildren, Abbie, is four and Andrew two. They are loads of fun. Abbie and I have tea parties at her little table. She gathers all her teddies and any other stuff animal she can find and places them just perfectly in place.  Sometimes you have to be quiet for we are in the movies and her friends (stuff animals) have to be able to hear! Andrew joins right in with his tea cup in hand and listens intently to what ever his big sister says. So dang cute, I tell ya.  She cracked me up the last time! The plastic tea set has a tea kettle and she goes and puts water in it and pours the tea into your cup! One day she said "grandma, I am not giving Pah Pah anymore tea" why Abbie? "Because he does this" and she holds the tea cup to her lips and pretends she is drinking. "Well, Abbie how do you know he really doesn't drink it and you just don't see him doing it?" she puts her hands on her hips and says "It is very OBVIOUS when he gives me back the cup and it still has water in it!" Oh lord, it took everything I had not to burst out laughing! A bundle of joy.

Tip of the day:  Did you know you can color your rubber stamps with Copic markers? You use your markers to color the rubber stamp. Since Copic's dry very quickly you need to do one of two things. You can either cup your hands around the stamp and huff on it, like you do when trying to get your hands warm from the cold.  Or you can take a mister, spray bottle and spray water into the air and quickly place your stamp where the mist is falling.  Let me know if that is not clearly written and I will help you. Sometimes you think people should know what your talking about and they are clueless.....I am usually the clueless one!!

My card today is yet another simple card and I love it! I made it for a dear friend to let her know how close I am in case she needs me!  When I saw this Karen Doodles digital image, I had to have it, for it made me smile big time! I hope you smile when you see it! Double click on the picture so you can see how I made the car shine with Diamond Glaze!

Is thiscute or what? I love it!!

  • DP:MOD "Daisy's in Quote"
  • Prima: Say it with Pearls
  • Flower: Prima
  • Copic Markers
    • Gray: C00, C1, C3, C5
    • Red: R22, R24, R27, R39
    • Yellow: Y00, Y02, Y04, Y08
    • Road: W0, W1, W3
    • Pink for ear: R20, R22
    • Scarf: R22, R24
    • Blue: B24, B26, B28
  • Cryogen White Paper
  • Diamond Glaze to the car!
Thank you very much for looking! I read every comment for they are so dear to me! Happy Tuesday to ya!


Carolyn Bounds said...

Colleen, your card is precious!!! And you are right...this cutie makes me smile *BIG TIME*:o) I love the bold, cheerful colors, all the lovely blossoms, AND your fabulous coloring!! I also loved hearing about your granddaughter:o) She sounds *ADORABLE*!!! I cannot wait until I am a grandma:o) Our oldest son and his wife are going to start their family as soon as he returns from deployment.

Thank you for all your kind, encouraging comments!!! You have certainly brightened many of my days!!! I hope you enjoy your time with your daughter and grand babies:o)


Sharon Keanly said...

Hi Colleen, had such fun reading your post. What a super Granny you are and what FUN you must have with these little ones. That's the type of granny I'd like to be one day! I can imagine how sweet little Abbie must have looked with her hands on her hips. She sounds like a real little Madam that one! Kendall's boss has a little 2 year old. They went to the cat show and she went up to this gentleman and said "I want to buy that cat, you can speak to my Dad, he will pay you". The kind gentleman said that his cat is not for sale, so she also placed her hands on the hips and said, "Then why does he have a price tag on him?". She was referring to the Rosette, thinking if was a price tag. What a hoot! Love these little ones. But, I digress. Your card is adorable and am sure your friend will appreciate it. huge hugs Sharon x

Amy said...

Oh Colleen!! I love reading about the guys sound like you have so much fun together! Emma and Noah LOVE tea party and play with theirs all the time and pour "tea" for us to drink! Usually with crayon in it LOL

Anywho, thanks for leaving me some love on my blog!! I don't always get around to saying thank you, but I wanted to make sure I told you how much I appreciate your visits! You're such a sweety!

LOVE your card BTW! Your friend will love it too, and the diamond glaze on the car is a super idea! WTG!!

Danni said...

Hehe, I see we were on the same color wave length! Great, fun card!!

Lisa said...

Hi Colleen! How much fun to be able to spend time with the grandbabies and your story is toooo cute! I love this card and the car looks like it is factory new!!

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