Friday, March 26, 2010


Happy Friday Everyone! It's my birthday today! I don't like getting a year older but it's nice  to hear from your family and friends who are all thinking of  you on the same day! Where does time go? Sometimes I feel like I am in a time machine and it keeps throwing me forward in time!  Today is the last day Abbie will be here, I have totally enjoyed her for the past two weeks. She is so dang funny for the way she acts and the questions she asked. She has a new habit, she will state something and then say "right grandma?" and I will say "right". Today she said "the sun is up grandma, time to get up...right?" and I said "wrong!" She turned around and said "grandma, your so silly you know the sun is up and I am right!"  What a fun way to wake up! I will hate to see her go! Amy, my daughter and husband are on their way down to take me out to dinner and pick her up! The day is almost over and I feel like I just got up!  The stamp I used today is another cutie pie from Victoria Case, Hearts and Hugs Collection designed exclusively for SCACD and her name is Belle! I love Belle for she reminds me how much I love to dance. When I dance I feel like a free spirit in a world all by myself or when I am dancing with my hubby, I love to (giggle!) use your own imagination there! Any how, this card was entered into Copic's Challenge at Simply Scrapping and the challenge is highlighting the hair. My light source is the upper left hand corner! I took several pictures of Belle, one with little glitz and the second one with a lot of glitz!


Which one do you like? I like both for different reasons. I like the one without glitz because you can see the difference in the shadow and highlights better on her tutu. And, I like the glitz because with the Diamond Glaze on the wood makes it look like real hardwood. This DT paper is so soft. I love it! You will be seeing more of these papers! I tied the bow with bow easy...Once you use the Bow Easy you will never want to struggle with tying a bow again! Here is a tutorial on what it looks like and how to use it. The bow easy can be purchase here ...make sure if you order it anywhere else you get the smaller one for cards and scrapbooking.  I was told that the larger size made bows big enough you could use it on a helicopter landing to signal the pilots!!!  Diamond glaze was added to her eyes and the floor. I love the sparkle it adds to the eyes! Copics for coloring and of course my fav...Diamond Stickles! Sentiment was design by Susana herself at  SCACD. See you tomorrow!

  • Paper for stamping: One sheet wonder 
  • Momentum Black Tuxedo Ink
  • DT: My Minds Eye/ Lush/Hip & Luxurious Basic
  • Pearls from stash

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nice Weather!

Hello everyone! Happy Hump day! Burrrr it was cold ...down in the fifties and after being in the 70's it seemed cold!  Both of my dogs are finally getting used to Abbie, my 4 1/2 old granddaughter being around. Today, Simba, who usually doesn't like, nor tolerate small children, crawled up on the couch and laid down  on Abbies legs and put his head on her belly....ahhhhhhhh she was sooo happy and delighted and kept saying "look grandma, look!" It was a Kodak moment for sure! We had a couple rainy days this week and we know April showers brings May flowers and that inspired me to make this card!

"Singing In The Rain" Designed by Victoria Case exclusively for Susan Custom Art and Card Design!  I teamed her up with Duckie and sentiment from High Hopes Rubber Stamps. I had a lot of fun with this card for everything just fit  together perfectly!  I entered them into a challenge at Simple Scrapping Crafts!. If you haven't been to their web site yet...gooooooooo they are growing in leaps and bounds with lots of challenges and friendly crafters!  The card was colored with Copic's, a large amount of Diamond Glaze to the umbrella to make it look wet and of course Diamond Stickles for sparkle to the boots, raincoat and border. Two must have products to add glitter and shine to your projects. If you can buy only one stickles, let it be diamond for it can be used with anything and of my favorites for sure!  Catch you tomorrow!

  • DT: Basic Grey/Sugar Rush
  • Prima Flowers at SCACD
  • Martha Stewart's border and leaf punch
  • Nestibilaties round and scallop Dies @ SCACD
  • Diamond Glaze and Diamond Stickles @  SCACD
  • Sapphire Inspiration paint for the water puddles 

Sunday, March 21, 2010

My First Easel Card!

Hello everyone! Another glorious day outside!! Abbie, my granddaughter and I decided to give Simba and Bailey a bath today! They look so pretty and better yet they smell good too!! I love Spring big time! Can you tell? LOL Today, I made my very first easel card. Omgosh, easy as 1-2-3! This is a website that has all kinds of tempt-plates  Here. with pictures and easy directions....I love it and easy peazy is for me!  I decided to do a celebration, dinner invitation and this was the perfect image for it! I am entering this card in a Copics face coloring challenge at Simple Scrapping Crafts here. Lisa Futch teaches the Copic Classes and she is an excellent teacher! If you have not been to Simple need to go! They have 25 challenges every month, lots of goodies, really super sweet members and you will think you died and went to Crafter's Heaven!!

 Meet Marti! Marti is part of the Hearts and Hugs Spring Collection made especially for Susana's Custom Card and Design here! Isn't she a baby doll? I love her and all the other stamps made for this collection! DP: Basic Grey/Nook and Pantry, Copics coloring, Nestability die. I am not sure where my sentiment stamp or flowers are from for they were in my stash! The sentiment reads: Let's Celebrate!! Here's who, what, where and when....! On the flat part of the Easel I have plain white card stock that I distress a little bit with pink ink. I left it blank so I could fill out the details at a later date! I added Diamond glaze to her eyes, dishes, pots and pans. And of course I had to add diamond stickles to her bow and chief's hat!
Thank you for looking and hope you enjoy this card as much as I had fun making it! See you tomorrow!

Follow Your Heart!

Today was the best day ever this year! It was sunny and bright and I don't know about you, but that makes me a very happy camper! Omgosh, we have colors again outside! The trees have buds, bulbs are pushing their way up, and I just love it.

This weekend is the end of classes I have been taking at My Creative Classroom here.  I took Color GlazeI and learned how to use a lot of different mediums to color with like; distress inks, water color crayons and pencils, etc. Check them out and I highly recommend Colleen Schaan as an instructor! She is the best!

My card today is "Follow Your Heart for It Knows The Way"... isn't that the truth! I believe to follow your dreams, your heart for if you don't... you will always wonder what if? I remember telling my mother when she was concerned about the love of my life at one time and I told her "It is better to love and lose then to never love at all". I heard those words when I was young and have no clue where, but I believed them! Many tears and years later...I wonder what if? LOL

This is Tilda, a Magnolia rubber stamp! If you never saw the Magnolia stamps before you will probably think she is ugly. I did and so did many others who love them now. Beware…they do grow on ya!!! I hope!

DP: Basic Grey/Orgins...I can't help it I love this paper! The camera doesn't pick up all the shimmery and glitter it has. Cut out nestability, colored with copics, butterlies are from E-bay! I sure wish I knew who I purchased from for I really like them. The acrylic flowers and paper are from SCACD here. ; I just love Susanna who owns the store. She always adds a little extra to my order so I can see different products....I know...she tempting me to buy more!!! And guess what??? It works!!! See you back here tomorrow!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy Thursday!

What a week! Nothing but a bunch of sickies in this household! DH now has a fever, body aches and cold symptoms. You would think everyone would be well with the beautiful days we have been having. It is so nice outside! It has been in the 60's and 70's for a few days now and would you believe we still have snow where they piled it so high!

It was Mothering Day in the UK this past Sunday, which is equivalent to Mothers Day in the states. So at Teddy Stampers (here) their challenge is creating a teddy bear, Mother's Day card! I used a Boyd's Rubber Stamp. It's Ma and Bailey  reading diary's of days gone by. I had a diary from the age of  12 to my mid 20's and then for some unknown reason I threw them away...boy there are many times wish I still had them. I keep journals now on the computer and it's awesome to go back and read the entries I made for I instantly remember the day I am reading as though it were yesterday! And, at Simply Scrapping Crafts their card challenge this week is using blue and green (here) I combined both of them together.

It's a simple card which I like to do now and then for it's a clean look! Can't explain it but that is how I feel!! I didn't use any DT and colored with Copic's. The edges are done with a gold border from Flower Soft, small pearls, Nestability Dies and miniature roses from Susana's Custom Art and Card Design (here).

Talking about Copic's!!! Did I tell you about the awesome classes that Suzanna Dean is having? (Click will not be sorry!) These are unbelievable classes for a tremendously great price! If you are interested in coloring with Copic's, I highly suggest you take Suzanna's classes. She has Beginner, Intermediate and Experience. Trust me there is nothing left out in these lessons. Each lesson has a video made by Suzanne and a PDF file for each video. The classes are available to you for one awesome is that? Nothing beats taking classes in your PJ's! Rather it be early morn or late at night, they are there for you to learn, watch, re watch and read about Copic's!  Well, off to do another challenge, thank you for taking the time out to view and please feel free to comment and follow me! You can follow by clicking below Bailey's picture! All comments are welcome...this is how I learn!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St Patrick's Day

Happy St Patrick's Day!! Gosh, I was determine to make and post a card on St Patrick's Day and I made it by 50 minutes. I mean how much more Irish can you get then the name "Colleen" which means girl in Ireland! I can't believe over a week has gone by since I posted. I very seldom break a promise however, this has been one of those weeks! We brought our granddaughter, Abbie home with us on Sunday and she has been very ill with cold symptoms and on and off fever. Abbie is 4 1/2 so you know where most of my time has been spent! I have been to more tea parties in the past 4 days then probably Queen of England has been to in the past month. We bought her a tea set for Christmas and the cups change color when cold water has been added....she loves it! Remember I said I had two cards almost completed? Well, somebody thought they were pretty and wanted to help finish them while I was answering the phone. Needless to say we have to start all over again! She's a trip and I dearly love her. She is probably the only one who could destroy my cards and get away with no repercussions!! Lucky for her!

The image I used is from the Magnolia's Rubber Stamps which you can see here.  DT Basic Grey/Orgins which is here at Susana's Custom Art and Card Design.   I used Nestabilites  and miniature roses also from Susana's store and they are here.  I used Copics G19, G16, G14, G12, E31, E35, E51, E53, YR24, Y00, Y11 and Y15. Catch ya later!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy Week-end!

Happy Weekend everyone! I have two cards almost completed! On Thursday Amy,  my daughter called from PA and said both children were sick and they couldn't miss anymore work. Needless to say DH and I packed up and left right away. We live in MD and the trip takes us four hours...we will be home on Sunday and by Monday I will post 2-3 cards!  Abbie, my 4 1/2 year old granddaughter will come home with us for a week! I just love it when she visits! I told her this week I will teach her how to make a card. she wants to draw with the Copic's ...Yikes! My copic's ...maybe we can buy Magic markers on the way home!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Life Is A Picnic

Hello Everyone! Can you believe the week-end came and went already? We stayed home and finished spring cleaning the house. Every wall, drape, curtain, blind, picture etc. has been cleaned! I was so tired and sore last night I could hardly move...getting old! Today when I went downstairs, I actually had a smile on my face for it felt good to see everything nice and clean! I was a happy camper and drank and enjoyed my coffee for nothing was pressing me to get done!!!

Today's card is "Life Is A Picnic" which I did for Teddy-Stampers challenge. You can see their challenge right here. I chose a Boyd's Rubber Stamp. I love Boyd's teddies, figurines, pictures...all of it. They are not far from me in Gettysburg, PA. It is so beautiful there. From the outside it looks like a huge upscale barn! When you walk inside you enter magic!!  The atrium is huge and opened so you can view all three floors. Everything is made from knotty pine including the railing encircling each floor and the stairs. See it  right here. You can have your teddy fixed at the hospital or make your own teddy from scratch to finish. Every nook and cranny is Teddy Bears!! If you are ever near Gettysburg...I would suggest you to stop in and visit it for you won't be disappointed if you have love for Teddies!

 Today's card is Emily and Ma  having a picnic! Life is a picnic! What does that mean to you? To me it means to enjoy the simple things in life, all you need is a picnic! The smell of food, hearing the laughter of children, slowing down and enjoying family and friends!

DP is Orgins, Copics E/000, E01, E11, E13, E33, E35, E44. E70, E74. B01, B04, B05, B08, R81, R83, R85. G00, G02, G05, YR15, YR16. Y08,Y11. Mini roses are from SCACD  right here .  The sentiment is from Boyd's.  Thanks for looking!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy Friday everyone!!

It's here!  Friday is the day of the week people wish for more than any other day! TGIF. Even though I don't work out of the home anymore, I still look forward to Friday's! Hubby is home all weekend and I love it when he is here.

Last night my hubby took me out to dinner at Olive Garden, which is one of our favorite restaurants! It felt really good to be out of the house! During the day with the sun out it almost feels warm...yep at 45 degrees! When I was asked to join the Teddy-Stampers I went searching on the internet for teddy bear digital images. I found this image and was so excited for it was perfect. Above the store window is "Teddy's Toys " and this is for Teddy-Stampers! How awesome is that?

 I had to pull out my Christmas box stash!  I cut the oval with the oval Nestibility die and cut it with Cuttlebug. Martha steward edge punch on the trim and corners. Tin Holtz Distress Ink, Fired Brick by tapping the bristles of the brush right onto the ink pad. I then colored the brick by tapping the very tip of the brush onto the paper in a straight up and down motion.   Copics R21, R24, R27, R29, YG11, YG13, YG17; YG00 to blend the greens. The window frame; C00, C01, C03. Diamond glaze was added to parts of the window and coats. I love this stamp and hope you do too! My first Christmas card for 2010!! 

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Entering first Challange

Today was a great day! First I received an invitation to join a design team. Wow, that made my day! They are a fairly new store and blog and need 3 designers! What an awesome chance and honor it is to be asked to join! The design team Coordinator saw some of my cards on another web site and then wrote me an email with very nice compliments! And, for those who know me, you will laugh when I tell you this. First the store/blog is called Teddy-stampers and are located here! Their one and only theme is Teddy Bears!!!! I am a HUGE lover of teddy bears, in fact my kitchen was decorated all in teddy bears before we remodeled it! I even had a shelf above the sink loaded with teddy bear items! This was awesome to me!!! The last few years  I have cut back a lot on my teddies, but there are still teddies in every single room of my house!

Last night, I followed one of my friends, Lisa to another site; Simply Scrapping Crafts and you can find them here! They are  really super nice and make you feel soooo welcome!  My card today is for their March Card 2010 challenge. This is Emma from the Elizabeth Bell, First Sampler made exclusively for Susana's Custom Art and Cards Design which is located here!  I just love her designs! Only I would have put a puppy in the basket!!! (Sorry for the cat lovers out there!)

I used the Nestability Oval Die to cut her out and you can buy and see them here. She was colored with Copics: shirt, headband RV00 RV02, RV04, Skin: E000, E001, E002 Hair: E31, E35, YR20, YR21. Shadows around image is C1. Pants were colored with Prisma Colored Pencils. Sentiment is from "Just Right Rubber Stamps: found here and cut out with a 2 inch circle punch. DP is from SEI, Chocolate. And my ribbon is from one of my most favorite stores... E-bay!

Always changing!

Happy Hump Day! I love Wednesdays! Since it is 2:30 in the morning I will keep this simple. I changed two of my cards around. One being A Heart Full of Thanks. If you saw it earlier I had the image way lower on the card and no roses. One of MBF's, Jenee wrote and said it didn't look I went and took another look and she was right! So I put the image higher on the card and added some roses! I think it looks a lot better now and the second one is: Blessed Easter. I took off the bow and added a little more bling.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Gosh, It's Tuesday

Does it ever seem to you ...when you shut your eyes for a few moments and open them again,  a whole week flew past. That is how it seems to me anymore! Just like the song "Don't Blink!" I  love country music and the oldies! Growing up in the 60's can never be replaced today with all the changes in the world.  It seems we were more happy go lucky in our teens, then they are today. Sometimes progress can be more damaging then helpful. Ahh yesterday!  Well, we were suppose to get another snow storm, but luckily it went right on by!  I can actually start to see some of the grass peaking through the snow now! Come on Springtime! I am ready for it big time! It's forty degree's today and everyone is outside, without a coat on...after zero degrees and high winds, it does seem like spring time to us!

 I am posting two cards this morning. I want to show you how changing the colors of a stamp can give you a totally different look!

This precious little girl name is "Heartstrings" and she was designed by Elizabeth Bell for Susana's Custom Art and Card Design store, which you can purchase here! I just adore this image for she looks so darn sweet and she does pull at your "Heartstrings!" The DP is Chocolate by SEI. I wanted to keep this card very simple and keep the image the main focus! I added Diamond Glaze to her dress and added a few rhinestones in the corners and stickles, which you can also purchase at Susana's store.  Hope you like her as much as I do! She was made for my brother and his family! They bought me a really cool book about clowns. Yes, I love and have a passion for clown pictures and figurines. They have to be happy or comical clowns though! My brother is funny,  the book was purchased for my last years birthday, which is at the end of March. So he wrote; late for one birthday, but early for another!! It's okay LOL his B/D was the beginning of February and  I still have his card sitting right here....ummm not quite finished!  I figure it's more of a surprise when you get something when you least expect it.

And, here she is again! DP is out of my stash. Added stickles to her dress, shoes and hair bow. The miniature roses can be purchase at Susana's Custom Art and card Design  here. I could leave this sweetie black and white and she would still tug on your heartstrings!

See you later today with more!

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