Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Copic Challenge

Good morning everyone!  It's Wednesday at12:41AM and I know to many of you this is morning, but it is still my Tuesday night! Between being a night owl and severe insomnia I am usually up until 3 AM or better.  Lots to tell ya! Did you notice a new blinkie in my side bar? This past month I have been a guest designer at Teddy-Stampers and was asked to join the design team! Yahoo, of course I said "yes!"  Teddy-Stampers is one of the very first blog challenges I entered and I  love my teddy bears! It will be announce on Oct. 8 with their bi-weekly challenge!

Also! Do you like Elisabeth Bell and Victoria Case images? I absolutely love them and being on the Elisabeth Bell's Guest Design team is even sweeter!  Right now, SCACD is holding an exciting Store Blog Candy! Click HERE to check out the details and to enter. There will be a super fabulous Elisabeth Bell and Victoria Case Mini Release exclusively for SCACD on the 30th! Come on and hop over to SCACD’s blog for all the details. Trust me you will want to enter this contest and you only need to answer a very simple question!!

Last but surely not least is my card! My image is "Cowgirl"  from Nana Vic's Digitals and if you haven't been there yet you need to go! You should see her sentiments they are so dang cute and only $2.00 per sheet! How awesome is that? She has one for potty training and some of the sayings are "caution wet floor" or "remember when life was simple?" and it has a picture of a diaper and diaper pin! Too cute! Grab them now for she said there will be an increase in price. Take a peak!

Any how on my card tonight I used the sentiment "Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway!"  This card is for a very special friend of mine and all women who have been diagnose with breast cancer or any type of illness and even though scared out of our wits.... we go on and fight and with the grace of God and win! My light bulb went off right after I was done making it ..I should have done it in all pink!  Next time! I made this card for the copic challenge I made up over at Simple Crafting Scraps! Come on over and join the Copic group because, next week we have a super duper announcement to make!  If you love Copics and Copic Challenges you do not want to miss it and hint hint it has to do with prizes!! So come join me for this week's Copic Challenge! Scroll to September 29 Challenge!


I kept my card very clean and simple!

  • Cryogen White for coloring with Copics
  • Diamond Glaze on glasses, boots and barrel
  • Copics:
    • Red: R27, R24, R22
    • Blue: B26, B24, B23, B21
    • Skin: E11, E00, E000
    • Boots (brown) E74, E71, E70
    • Barrel: E37, E33, E31, E29, E25
    • Bowel: Y8, Y4, Y00  my yellows always turn green and have no clue why
    • Barrel Straps: C03, C01, C00
TIP OF THE DAY!  When you cut your card stock do you ever end up with fray's or stringy cut?  If you pull on them it rips the paper more and cutting it off usually ends up with an uneven cut. Easy Peasy! Use an Emory board  and file up and down on the side. Not from side to side for this will fray it more . just up and down and watch it disappear!!

If you found one bit of info helpful then I am a happy camper!!  Till tomorrow! Hugz and keep safe.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Rachel, Little Angel

Happy Monday everyone! I was thinking we are so accustomed to complaining it is Monday and yet that is 1/7 of our lives!! Hmmm do we wish 1/7 of our lives disappeared? Ya, I hear it you ...if it would eliminate Mondays! So how was your weekend? Ours literally stunk! Let me tell ya these stink bugs are something else and the more I read about them the more anxiety I felt. The reason they are multiplying quickly by the 1000's is because in the US they have no predators to keep their number in check. Now Baltimore is complaining bed bugs are on the rise and we only live 30 minutes from the city. I am so over this and I so want to be out of here!

On a more pleasant note let me tell ya about tonight's card. The image is Rachel, Little Angel from the Elisabeth Bell's Digi collection and a real sweetie and you can buy her right here! I wanted to keep my card soft looking and love the way it turned out!  And, while I am talking about Elisabeth Bell....wait until you see the October digi release for it is so so so so.... you will definitely want it! Stay tune for there will be several ways you can win and possible right here on my blog!!

I tried a new product for me tonight and it is Viva Glitter Liner. Let me tell ya this out glitters Stickles by a long shot. Plus it is more of a 3D effect then Stickles and dries fairly quickly and you can buy it at SCACD!

Right now, SCACD is holding an exciting Store Blog Candy! Click HERE to check out the details and to enter. There will be a super fabulous Elisabeth Bell and Victoria Case Mini Release  for SCACD on the 30th! Hop on over to SCACD’s blog for all the details. Trust me you will want to enter this contest by just answering a very simple question!!


  • Cryogen Paper for coloring
  • DP: Basic Grey
  • New Nestability Die
  • Ribbon: Offry
  • Blue Moon Charm:  buy it at SCACD
  • Viva Decor Glitter Liner: Buy it at SCACD
  • Pearls: Prima
  • Flowers: Wild Orchid Crafts
  • Copics:
    • Hair: E25, E31, E50
    • Green: G02, G00, G000, G0000
    • Skin: E11, E00, E000
    • Pink: RV0000, RV000, RV00
    • Shadowing: BG0000 and Colorless blender pen 
TIP OF THE DAY:  Cutting out images. Did you ever cut out an image and you see the white of the paper right where you cut? If you cut with your scissors angle to the right you will end up with more of a bevel cut then a straight cut. Try it for I really like it much better then those sharp edges from straight cutting.

Thank you so much for taking the time to come and visit me and I hope you have an awesome week!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Teddy Bear and Stink Bugs

Yahoo it's the weekend! Do you have any stink bugs? Omgosh I never knew what a stink bug was until last year. They are horrible and we have literally hundreds of them climbing up the sides of our home. DH was trying everything from squirting them off with a hose and then spraying bug killer which did not work. I have to tell ya this story!!We have a two story home and I kept hearing noises so I go to the bedroom window and look out and cracked up big time!! We have a hand held vacuum sweeper, the hose with the extention wands is about five feet long. Down on the deck is my hubby, 6'2 holding this little vacuum sweeper and he is swinging the wand all through the air and  he would thrust it forward like he was stabbing someone! My first thought was "what the heck is he doing?" He was trying to catch the stink bugs in mid air with the vacuum sweeper!! I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants! If our neighbors were home they would have called the men with the white coats to come and get him! You just had to see it! I went to let the dogs out tonight and before I even opened the front door he was yelling for me to close it! I said; "the dogs have to pee!!" He says "go out the back door their waiting to come in the front door". "who is waiting" "the stink bugs!!" I lost it!

Dustin Pike is the artist of the image I used today.  Dustin designs for several companies and one is High Hope Stamps. I love this  teddy bear angel with the big smiling!!

I am still a guest designer at Teddy-Stampers who I love their blog for every card or project has to have a teddy bear on it! I love teddy bears big time! I collect Cherish Teddies and Boyds ceramic and stuff bears!


  • Cryogen paper for stamping and coloring
  • DP: stash
  • Pearls: Prima
  • Flowers stash
  • Copics:
    • Bear: E53, E51, E50
    • Angel wings: BG01, BG000
    • Sack: W0, W1
    • Watering Can: C1, C3, C5
  • Diamond Glaze added to the watering can.
  • Diamond Stickles added to the angels wings
  • Ribbon: Offry
Tip of the day:  Did you ever cut card stock and it has a lot of little strings hanging from the side you cut? When you try to pull them off it rips your card stock. Take an emery board and go over the rough area like you would your finger nails. Poof! They're gone!!

Thank you for leaving the kind thoughts for I love reading every single one and it totally makes my days brighter! Have a great weekend my friends!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Elisabeth Bell Carousel

I am making this a Wednesday card by the skin of my teeth! I tell ya this day went flying by so fast my head is still spinning! That is why I decided to use Carousel Dreams by Elisabeth Bell! I figure carousel go round and round too just like I did all day long!  CD is one of the stamps in  Edition 5 Collection made exclusively for Susanna Custom Arts and Card Designs. I received it in the mail the other day from a very dear friend, Sharon Keanly from South Africa. She sent me a package that was loaded with all kinds of goodies! What a beautiful surprise it was for I never expected it! The carousel is one of my favorite rides at the amusement parks! Honest! My kids used to walk me in the other direction so I wouldn't see them...ya know why don't ya? Because I would make them ride it with me! When I was doing blog hopping I came upon Lori Argon's blog and loved the way she colored Carousel Dreams and I lifted it! Visit her blog for she does awesome creating!


    • Cryogen:  Paper used for stamping and Coloring
    • DP:
    • Nestabilities Ovals
    • Heather Flower Soft: used on the flowers
    • Diamond Glaze:  on the hoofs and carousel pole
    • Diamond Stickles:  saddle 
    • Copics:
      • Body of the horse: E50, E51, E53
      • Saddle and Reigns: RV34, RV32 RV11 RV10 RV00
      • Mane, Hooves, Tail and Pole: E17, E15, E13                                                                   

        Monday, September 20, 2010

        It's Monday!

        Hello everyone! Did you have a nice weekend? Not to many more left before old man winter  comes a knockin at our doors, Blah! I am just not ready for this. And, do you know we have less than 100 days til Christmas!! I have no clue where this year went! We went to PA for two of our grandchildren birthday party! Abbie turned five and Andrew 3..oh no the baby of 10 is 3 years old...yikes...come on Jennifer!!  LOL Jennifer is my DIL who still wants more children!

        Before we left for PA I filled some card orders and tonight's card is one of them. LOL  when I was adding my watermark I almost died for I noticed it wasn't completely colored! OMGosh and it was delivered on Friday and I haven't heard a word about it! Let me tell ya, I almost died for it was made for my best customer. I will have to do her next card for half price! Only I could do this!!


        • Image: Rosie on the road again designed by Karen Doodles
        • DCWV DP
        •  Cryogen White paper: The paper I  stamp my image on and lowest price I found was at Cut Card Stock: $8.55 for each pack of 25. The sheets are 8 x 11 1/2. If you buy over 10 packs the price drops to $8.07 and any order over $125.00 is free shipping. Right now they are have a $7.00 off coupon on orders over $35.00.
        • Ribbon: Offry
        • Buttons: stash
        • Copics:
          • YR18, YR17, YR16, YR15
          • B18, B16, B14
          • C00, C01, C03, C05
          • Y6, Y4, Y02, Y00
          • R20 for the ears and mouth
        • Stickles: X-mas Red
        TIP OF THE DAY: Stamping on Vellum. I have stamped my sentiment on vellum paper before and was greatly disappointed when I tried to adhere it to the card.  No matter what I tried to adhere the card with such as tape, glue, etc. it would show through the vellum and look horrible.  The cards I posted on September 14, I tried something new and it is awesome! Stamp your sentiment onto the vellum and then dry emboss it with a Cuttlebug folder. Walaaa!! You can use regular two way tape and it will not show through! Plus, I love the look for it  looks more professionalism! Remember to stamp it first and then emboss it.  Trust will love this!

        Friday, September 17, 2010

        Can't believe it

        Happy Week-end everyone! Let me tell ya, I am not a happy camper today. When I first log onto my blog  I was ecstatic for I had over 100 followers! Then I noticed two of the small postage stamps had girls in bikini's. I clicked on their names to see the profiles and of course it had porn blog addresses. I was very insulted and even madder that some of my followers might have witness it. If it happens to can get rid of the picture by clicking on options and then block them. Unfortunately, I think I blocked a legit follower. Grrrr so angry that no matter what  you do on the internet ...someone can ruin it for ya. KWIM?

        Let's move onto happier thoughts! Tomorrow we are leaving for PA for our grandson and granddaughter's birthdays! . Now here is an interesting fact:  Two of our daughters had two children in different years from one another. Renae's children birth dates are; Tyler March 21 and Travis August 15. Amy's children birthdays are: Abbie September 15 and Andrew September 21st. The days are the same! 15 and 21st! Two of our grandson's were born on the same day year apart!  Son, Richie  was born on the day his grandmother died and the same day as his cousin's b/d only one year difference. The list goes on and on!! Just thought I'd share our amazing dates! Do you have any in your family?

        My get well card is using an image from coloring pages for children and I believe it is from this site. You will find over a thousand images in Jpeg format that you can save to your computer and they aren't cheesy images either and all kinds of characters including TV, history, movies, etc. ! Have fun surfing!


        All of my supplies are from my sorry.

        Tip of the day: You want to color a lighter color with your copic, however, you only have the color in a dark shade. Pre-soak your paper with the colorless blender solution or 93-95 percent rubbing alcohol first with the colorless blender brush. Make sure you do not go over the lines for the color marker will follow the colorless blender solution. While it is still wet apply your darker color and it will be slightly lighter. You will use less ink, since your paper is already saturated and your color area will be smoother. This is really good to do if you are coloring a large area.

        Don't forget if you get color on your colorless blender pen to wipe it clean on paper or paper towel. You do not want the color to enter your clear solution or  you will no longer have a colorless blender.

        Have a great weekend everyone!! BE SAFE xoxoxo

        Wednesday, September 15, 2010

        Excuse me Santa

        Good day everyone! Today is my anniversary and a beautiful one at that! Last year my sweet hubby forgot our anniversary and didn't realize it until we went out to dinner with one of our daughters! When she said "Happy Anniversary" the look on his face at the restaurant  was priceless! So this year I received  two cards and gifts, one at midnight and the other today! I asked if he was trying to make up for last year!! He just gave me that beautiful smile of his and said he didn't want to live through it again! LMBO! Yeppers, I gave him a really hard time!!

        Yesterday,  I received a package for Sharon Keanly who lives in South Africa! What a pleasant surprise! She sent me one of her cards and she has it posted on  her blog today and trust me, the pictures don't show the real beauty, as it does, in my hands. In the package were 2 rubber and a clear stamp, by one of my most favorite artist, Elisabeth Bell!!! I am so ecstatic to receive them! Also, stamped images of Tilda, Edward and other ones, roses, flowers and I am sure I am leaving something out,  it was an awesome package to open!!! Thank you Sharon!  I am borrowing my friend Lisa's sayings; "My Friends Rock!!!"

        Are you making any Christmas cards yet? I started with  today's card which is featuring  Santa Claus by artist Elizabeth O Dulemba who offers her digi's for free and has granted me permission to use and post it today! Elizabeth does illustrations for children books written by other authors and for those she has composed herself!  The books are bright and cheerful and surrounds life events. You can see both the free digi's and her children books on her web page.  I edited Santa Claus in Photo Shop Elements today and added the sentiment. Easy Peasy and if you would like to know how to do this please email me and put Photo Shop in the subject line. 

        Oh LaLa Creations: Stripes
        Die Cut Dreams: Children Christmas
        Bah Humbug: Christmas Card, Favorite medium
        Fussy and Fancy: Christmas Colors
        Stamp Something: Spots and Stripes
        Colour Create: Red, White and Gold
        Fab N Funky: Anything goes
        Gingersnap Creations: anything goes
        Your Next Stamp: anything goes
        Simon Says Challenge: Halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas
        Creative Inspirations: lace and sparkle...Martha Stewart lace punch
        ABC Christmas: Santa

        Isn't this just the cutest card? LOL I dearly love it!

        • Cryogen: Paper used for stamping and coloring.  
        • Copic Colors
          • Red: R39, R37, R35,R32
          • Black: C5, C3, C1
          • Green: G05, G03, G00
          • Blue on Teddy: B18. B16. B14, B12
          • Blue on Package:  B04, B02, B00
          • Gold on package: Y28, Y26, Y11
          • Doodlebug crushed velvet: lily white flock on his beard, cap, cuffs of pants and jacket. 
        • Martha Stewart Punch
        • DP; SEI last years paper
        • Bow: Offry Ribbon made with Bow Easy
        • Packages: K&C
        TIP of the day:  Copic's Colorless Blender:  if you use the colorless blender to fix a problem, tip to tip, or palette blending,  make sure you wipe any color on the blender tip off onto a piece of scratch paper or paper towel. By  not cleaning your tip it will permeate the entire marker and you will no longer be a clear blending marker and instead will have a light color marker. Be extremely careful not to put the wrong cap onto the colorless blender.  Once another color permeates your marker it will be very hard to take it back to it's prior state of being colorless.

          Tuesday, September 14, 2010


          Good Morning! Glorious Tuesday and I haven't been to bed yet from last night. It is 6:30AM and I have an appt. with the PT at 8 ...Dear Lord I must be insane!! I worked all night on cards I had orders for and I am posting four of them this morning. If the customer doesn't like my Sara K image, I am in big time trouble because, I used the same image in four of the cards!!!  You tell me what you think!

          The first one is for a co-worker at my hubby's work. Yeppers! I have the birthday orders for his co-workers,  the lady who buys the cards for the events is my favorite customer!

          This is the inside
          This card is for a Afro American friend of my customer and is the preachers wife! I did her skin a lighter tone of brown. In this picture the left arm looks blotchy, but not in person!
           The inside
          This one is for Afro American friend of the customer. I did her a skin coloring a little darker.
          The inside
          Last one is for a Co-worker
          The inside

          The DP is DCWV, The Mariposa Stack which  is so dang beautiful and tomorrow you will see 3 more cards made from it! I just love it!  It comes in 48 sheets of 12" x12" and the cheapest place I found for you is at JoAnn's for 9.99! LADIES!!!  That is 20 cents a sheet!!

          •  Cryogen White paper: The paper I  stamp my image on and lowest price I found was at Cut Card Stock: $8.55 for each pack of 25. The sheets are 8 x 11 1/2. If you buy over 10 packs the price drops to $8.07 and any order over $125.00 is free shipping
          • Copics:
            • Pants: E41, E43, E53
            • Black hair: C07, C05, C03
            • Brunette: E35, E31, YR20
            • Pink top and Hat: R85, R83, R81 and R00
            • Coral top and hat: R02, R01, R000
            • Skin: E11, E00, E000
            • Darker skin: E25, E13, E11
          • See post  below for prices on Copics and Nestibilities!! 
          Thank you for stopping by and have an awesome day! If you leave a comment or follow me...I do the same for you!

          Monday, September 13, 2010

          Elisabeth Bell Digi!

          Happy Monday!!! Did you enjoy your weekend? It rained here all day Sunday, but I kinda enjoyed it for we didn't have anything planned anyways! Did you see the new digi release from Elisabeth Bell on Friday?  Her name is "Catch Of The Day" and you can see her on the post below!

          On today's card I am using "I love you this much" I love this digi and I have to tell ya this!! When I look at her I start singing "The Hills Are Alive With Music!!"  I just imagine her in front of large rolling hills singing it just like Julie Andrews did!! Shhh Don't tell on me! She also has her arms wide spread to tell ya how much she loves you! I used her on a birthday card for she is sending  big time birthday  wishes. Isn't she adorable? You can see the entire collection of  Elisabeth's Digi's here! Nothing like having something instantaneously! I love that part!!


          Yes, I do know how to color more than red!!! For the past several weeks I have been coloring almost everything red! When I look at my DP only the red ones are appealing to me! But, I did a pink one today so stay tune tomorrow!

          Tips of the day: Sales!!  Read below where you can find everything I used on sale somewhere and I did the searching for the cheapest price for ya!

          The DP is DCWV, The Mariposa Stack which  is so dang beautiful and tomorrow you will see 3 more cards made from it! I just love it!  It comes in 48 sheets of 12" x12" and the cheapest place I found for you is at JoAnn's for 9.99! LADIES!!!  That is 20 cents a sheet!! Oh my gosh! I am ordering more of it right now for it knocks my socks off!  Look how beautiful those butterflies are!

          • DP: DCWV Mariposa Stack 48 sheets of 12 x 12 at JoAnn's,  9.99 or 20 cents per sheet!
            • Copic Markers:
              • Red; R29, R27, R24. 
              • Yellow: Y04, Y02, Y000
              • Blue: B24, B21
          • Copic Markers:   Sketch Markers for 4.46 @ McCallisteres
          • Roses: Wild Orchids Crafts
          • Nestabilities Dies: Today 16.49 at Overstock! That's a bargain!
          Have a great day everyone!! Thank you for stopping by and see ya tomorrow!! PS. I am going to have a blog candy real soon!!

            Saturday, September 11, 2010

            Elisabeth Bell Digi Showing

            Happy Saturday everyone!  Today is the day we have all be waiting for and that is to see this month's new  Elisabeth Bell Digi! We have been giving sneak peaks all week! Do you think you know what it is for sure?? Let me tell ya.. it is the sweetest digi stamp and I know you will love her as much as I do!  Here she is the "Catch of the Day!"

            Drum roll please! 

            Ta da!

            Did you guess right? I was really surprise how many guessed correctly on the first peak what she was! I wouldn't have thought you ever guess a child in a mermaids custom, inside a grocery cart! I'll tell have more insight then me!! YIKES!! For some reason my yellows are green and no matter how I tried to fix it in Photo Shop I couldn't ditch the green....including the yellow in her hair! I really didn't color her hair green!! Trust me! Any who you want to see what all the designers did with this cutie so make sure you hop on over to the Digi Bell DT Blog  and take a look around,  for you surely will not be disappointed! You can see all of Elisabeth Bells Digi's collection here. Isn't it fun to see an image you love and have it instantaneously?

              • Copics
                • Blue:  B18, B16, B14. B12, BG02, BG000
                • Yellow:  (the bottom of her cart is bright yellow) Y06, Y04, Y02 Y00
                • Red: R28, R24, R22, R21
                • Skin: E11, E00, E000
                • Brown: E35, E31, E30
                • Hair: E35, E31, YR21 (no green!!!)
              • Paper: Basic Grey
              • Stickles: Diamond added to the mermaid costume and head band
              • Diamond Glaze to the buggy to make it look like plastic
              • Flowers: Wild Orhids Crafts
              • Cherries and circles: Nestabilities
              • Ribbon: Offry
              Tip of the day:  Diamond Glaze is  a water-based dimensional adhesive. It is great as a glue, but even greater to add on top of anything to make it shine! It is also mixable and I have mixed it with water, stickles and copic colors to add a 3D effect to my project. You will love it and it does not change your copic coloring!

              Thank you for stopping by and to everyone who has left comments or followed me....thank you from the bottom of my heart, it brightens my day big time. God Bless the USA and all the other countries on this date 9/11 and every day there after!

              Friday, September 10, 2010

              Teddy Stampers Guest Designer

              Hello everyone and Happy Friday to ya! Yesterday was my third day at the athletic club with the personal trainer. It took everything I had to go and let me tell ya, I am still feeling it today! Thank goodness for Aleve! It has been my best friend yesterday and last night!! I was doing hurls, curls, lifting, pushing, squatting and in positions I haven't been in for a very long time and my body let me know it too!

              Exciting news! Teddy Stampers asked me to be their guest designer for the month of September! I am so excited! Teddy Stampers was the very first blog I joined when I entered blog land!! I love teddy bears and collect Cherish Teddies, Boyds and Stuff Teddy Bears! Yep, I am still a kid at heart who loves her teddy bears!

              The Theme at Teddy Stampers this week is "Back to School"   My card was made with "Teddy Bear Teacher" designed by Meljen Digital Stamps! If you love 'warm and fuzzy' designs that make you smile and inspire creativity then you will love Meljens Digitals Images!


               Isn't she a hoot with all her books and the apple on top! What was your favorite subject in school? Mine was Science! I loved my ninth grade Science teacher who inspired  me to love anatomy which, eventually led me to becoming a paramedic and ER/ICU nurse.  Did you have a teacher inspire you?

              I will be back later tonight at 7 PM Arizona Time with the Elisabeth Bell new digi release and the tip of the day! Stay tune for some fun times and thank you for stopping in! Hugzzzzzz

              Friday, September 3, 2010

              Happy Friday and Labor Day Weekend!

               Wow, can you believe this is the last weekend of the summer months. For those who do not live in the US.   Do you have plans for the weekend? Sunday night I will be driving to Pittsburgh to be Copic certified with Colleen Schaan on Monday.  Once I am certified I can teach Copic's at the local craft store. No, you don't need to be certified to teach, but they want to see the that is where I am spending my labor day!

              My card today if using a digital image that I do not know where I purchased it. Back in the beginning I didn't think to keep a record on who's digi's were who's. Please tell me if you recognize it so I can give credit to the artist! Now I keep my digi's in files by the designers web address and it makes life so much easier!

              I just love this image!! Let me tell you...I love teddy bears! You can tell immediately after walking through my front door and I gave a lot of my stuff bears away or to charities! The granddaughters love coming here!


              • DCWV: The Natural Stack...12 x 12 paper pad is perfect for making men's cards! I love it!
              • Cryogen White : Perfect paper for Copics
              • Brad and pearls: Prima
              • Tim Holtz: Antique Linen
              • Copic markers:
                • Blue: B00, B01, B04
                • Purple: V12, V15, V17
                • Orange: YR07. YR04, YR02
                • Green: G05, G03, G00
                • Browns: I think all of them!!! 
              No Tip of the Day! Please read older post to see what ones you missed!

              Thank you for stopping by and have a super, fantastic weekend!

              Wednesday, September 1, 2010

              Party Time Tuesday Design Team!

              Hello blog land!! Lots more exciting news my friends!  My announcement I promised for today is: Party Time Tuesday asked me to be a member of their design team and of course I said "YES!" I love it there. Each week you make a card to a theme, but there's a catch! You MUST have a sentiment on the front of the card saying "Happy Birthday," "Best Wishes," "Your day!" You get the point! Great way to get those birthday cards made! Like I said before "made" I didn't say mail! My daughter, Renae's birthday was yesterday and I am sitting her looking at her card. I do not know why I can't get them in the mail on time! I really don't!

              Another exciting thing happened today! I received an email from
              stating they accepted the tutorial I did on Monday (see below) and it is now part of their tutorials! If you have a sec. could you hop over there,  comment on it and rate it!!! If you take the time, Thank you! You will love this web site!! Full of tutorials and all kinds of good info on card making!

              Not done yet!! Tonight I clicked on Simply Scrapping Crafts and low behold there were my two cards I made on Monday featured for the month of August and the flower card, plus another card I made were August gallery favorites! I tell's a good week here!

              One last thing!! Wait until you see Elisabeth Bell's new digi for September!! It is so stinking cute...I love it and can't wait to color it  for the upcoming showing on Friday, September 10. Elisabeth moved the date back one week since we just received the most adorable image today!!

              Finally! My card for my  first DT challenge at PTT! The little girl in my card is one of Elisabeth Bell images made exclusively for Susanna Custom Art and Card Design. Isn't she adorable...makes you want to pack up a picnic basket and go to the park!


              • Cryogen White Paper
              • Charm Blue Moon at SCACD
              • DP Basic Grey
              • Prima pearls
              • Rose: Wild Orchids Crafts
              • Ribbon: Offry
              • Copic: 
                • I will list these later on today. If you need to know sooner...please send me an email!
              Thank you for coming and seeing me. If you wouldn't mind please become a follower so I can see your creations too!

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