Saturday, April 24, 2010

Missed the plane

The plane left without me! I was two minutes late for the cut off and so will be flying out tomorrow. Before we got to the airport I said to DH "I won't be on the plane"  when I was told I missed the cutoff time...I was relieved if that makes any sense to ya.  I have half a Tilda colored and going to try and finish it tonight and post it. LOL I wasn't going to take any Copic's with me. I ended up packing 150 of them! Now I am putting them back so I can do it all over again tomorrow morning!! Hugz

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sara K

Happy Thursday almost Friday!!! YEAH!! WAHOO...two more days and I am leaving on a Jet Plane! Remember Peter, Paul and Mary! Awesome singers!  Oppps, I just gave my age away!!  Two more days and Vegas here I come! Going to visit my daughter and parents and I know if I type this, I will jinx myself! Oh well, Last time I came home with $500.00 more than what I went with! It was my lucky trip, but I have had many of bad ones! Hubby will be flying out on the fifth and then we fly back on different airlines on the 12th. I can't imagine 18 days without coloring! I am so addicted!

This darling is Sara K stamp,  Isabelle with puppy Coco! They are so sweet and I love them! I started out coloring Sara K and it sure felt good to color one today  for it's been a long time! There is always a sweetness and vintage to her images and you can't help but adore them! Isabelle was enter into the Color Combo challenge over at  SCS...come join us for it is a lot of fun with a slew of nice people!  Of course I colored her with Copic's...some day I am going to fool you and pull my chalks back out! And, it wouldn't be my card if I didn't add my Stickles which I put on the flowers on her hat. The quilling butterflies are from my stash and I am clueless where they came from...If I knew I would order a lot more!  Look for all supplies below for I will list where I found the cheapest place to buy.

Sara K: Isabella with Puppy Coco  $7.99
Butterflies: Stash...sorry :(
Diamond Stickles:   $1.99
Ribbon: Stash
Copics: $3.95 with free shipping on orders over $100.00 (Best deal on the web!) If ordering a few NO, shipping to high.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Today, I realized I have Papyrophobia and your saying to yourself "OK, what the heck is papyrophobia?" LOL It is the fear of paper!  This past week I think I have some pretty ugly DP so I don't use it! And, I have super pretty paper and I don't want to cover the pretty designs up!!! Now for card making this makes a lot of sense! I never claimed to be sane!

What a fun day it was to color this image!  Her name is  "Oh Baby!"  Ew la la! She has the sweetest face and her dress and ribbon were fun to color!  She was created by Elisabeth Bell for SCAC I colored her with
 Copics and added a whole lot of Diamond Stickles. Doesn't she look all pretty and ready to celebrate.  I am entering her into two challenges;  If The Shoe Fits has a fun challenge this week! They have the famous picture of Marilyn Monroe  from her movie "The Seven Year Itch" and you can interpret the picture anyway you wanted!! How fun is that!   
So here is my interpretation!

She is ready to party! I also entered her into the  Simple Crafting Copic Challenge. This week the concentration is on the folds of pleats! I wasn't thinking when I added all the glitz for you can't see the pleats as well now!

You should check out  Creative Express   for their prices are super low! I am afraid to go back for I won't know when to quit buying!!!

  • DT: Crafty Secrets, Heart Warming Vintage Classic. This is a 12 by 6 pad x's 32 and printed on both sides! You can see the pad here for $9.32. The paper is of good quality and thick! You will love it!
  • Lace Ribbon:  stash
  • Diamond Stickles:
  • Mulberry paper Roses: which you can also purchase at Wild Orchid Crafts.  
  • Corners: Shapabilities Deco Photo Corner and Create For Less has it for $7.49 which includes four dies! 
  • Copic's Sketch Markers: On sale for $3,95 and free shipping for orders over $100.00. If you want to purchase a lot of markers this is the way to go! Best price anywhere on the web if your order is over 100.00.
Happy Crafting!  See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy Tuesday!

Don't forget to scroll all the way down to see the Bargains I find for you!

Hello everyone! I sure hope everyone had a great weekend! This is a two Cards for One day! Renae, my daughter who lives in Vegas called on Friday and said her DH has to go out of town from 4/26 - 4/30 and  could I come and be with my 8 & 12 year old grandsons. Renae doesn't get home from work until after 9 PM, which would leave the boys alone from 3:30  until she arrived home.  NOPE, don't think so! I was going out anyways to see my mom and dad who live an hour over the mountain from Vegas!  I have been running around like a chicken with it's head cut off trying to get everything done this week for I will be gone for 18 days! (what was I thinking???) LOL

Last week the copic challenge at  SSS was blond hair and I am cutting it really close entering the challenge for it ends tomorrow!    You have to be careful with coloring blond's for you can get too orange or too yellow with the Copic markers. And, I much rather color hair that has lines in it for you can play more and and blend less.

My first card is a BD card for my daughter, Amy. It's will be a tad late in arriving, but I think she will love the card. I will be adding my poem inside to her and super pleased the way it turned out!  It is so pretty and feminine and I just know she will like it!! Meet Emma! Isn't she a baby doll?  Emma is from the Sampler Edition by Elizabeth Bell made specifically for SCACD .  I love this Paper by DCWV/Whimsy ... it is so pretty! Joanne still has the 48 pages 12 x 12 for 11.99. Trust me you will love this paper and for 25 cents per cannot touch any DT for this price.  LOL you would think I worked for Joanne's DT....only in my dreams!

 Supplies and deals I found for you!
  • Water Fall Stickles  only $1.32 per bottle here!  That's a deal folks!!
  • Shapabilities:  Fair Isle Pendant die. I found it for you at Create For Less at 15.74. OMGosh, that is one heck of a bargain. I paid 18.99 and thought it was a good price b/c they are usually  are $24.99!
  • Corners: Shapabilities Deco Photo Corner and Create For Less has it for $7.49 which includes four dies!
  • MS Leaf paper punch: I couldn't find mine but I found an actual rose leaf punch at Joann's for $7.69! I know what I am buying when I return home!
  • Copic's Sketch Markers: On sale for $3,95 and free shipping for orders over $100.00. If you want to purchase a lot of markers this is the way to go! Best price anywhere on the web if your order is over 100.00.
  • Prima Jewelery: $2.99 at Susana's
  • Roses: 24 roses for $3.00 at Susana's 
And this sweetheart is "Little Diane"  Doesn't she make you wish you were young again and be so happy and free!  My sentiment reads "The road to a friend's house is never long" Boy isn't that the truth! Even when I travel a 1000 miles to see a friend is worth every penny!

  • Stamp: Little Diane by Victoria Case for SCACD. There are seven stamps in this collection for $34.00 and each one is cuter than the last!
  • Buttons: Stash
  • Ribbon: Stash
  • Bow Easy: This is how I make my bows and it is soooo easy to do with this little gadget! It enables you to make 7 different size perfect bows for $5.00!  Watch this video by Suzanna Dean to see how easy it is!
  • Diamond Glaze:  to her eyes to make them sparkle! Joann is lowest again! On sell at $3.59
  • DT paper: Debbie Mumm/Baby Girl. I have the 12 x 12 pad and it is adorable. Very thick card stock and all different patterns, colors, pages with cute little animals, glitter. Perfect pad for making little girl cards or scrapbook pages!  I cannot find this particular pad. Sorry:(
  • Corner Punch: Martha Stewart and Joann has all the MS punches on sale this week.
Have a great night and see you tomorrow!


Friday, April 16, 2010

Stain Glass

Good morning everyone!  I haven't been to bed yet and it is almost 5:30 am! Bad insomnia night, but I played the whole time! Questions??? Am I the only one with lots of  ugly paper?  I look at my DT stash and think to myself "what was I thinking?" 

I love to play with everything and surely among few, who has broken their Cuttlebug!!  Yeppers! It exploded when I tried a technique called "Double Embossing" and it literally made my CB popped open like a can of  worms and fly everywhere! I was not a happy camper! My new one came and last night I used it with caution!

Today's card for Challenge: April Color Combo week 3 over at Simple Crafting Crafts is using the colors purple, red and blue.I didn't have any paper with those 3 colors so I made my own! I took red, blue and purple dye inks and blotted the inside of a CB embossing folder with a piece of white card stock. It came out SOOOO dang pretty and I love it! Easy peasy!

First I want to thank Lisa from The Purple Place who sent me a beautiful, sparkly, elegant card! I wanted to know what supplies she used for the was a special glitter pen and ultra fine glitter. This prompt me to go look at my glitter and lo behold I have white ultra fine, angle dust glitter by Art Glitter Company and it is so pretty and shimmering. I just love it!.

Lots of fun making this card. I wanted to see if I could make it look like stain glass and it does! It shimmers and reflects light. I  even saw my reflection when I was photographing it!!!  How cool is that? First I colored  Copics , added lots of Stickles. Let it dried and added  a heaping amount of Diamond Glaze.  I hope my picture shows how pretty the windows are!!  If I made this card again I would make the background of the windows a light blue. I feel that would have made them really pop and shade and highlight a tad more.  I hope you like this!!

  • Martha Steward Border punch
  • Diamond Glaze
  • Stickles
  • Mate paper with Brazil card stock
  • Copics

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Greeting Farm

Hi everyone! My friend Pryn is in a contest over at the Greeting Farm. It is so awesome, for they have teams and each week, one of the team members are given a challenge which they must post. Then we, you and I vote on which one we like the best.  The ones with the most votes goes on to compete next week. If it was my turn, I would be scared!! Well of course we are going to vote for Pryn's team, The Lollipop Guild!!! Go Pryn. Join the fun and here is a link to Pryn's work this week. Hurry today is the last day to vote!

Thank you!

I cannot express what I felt reading the comments you left on Danni's Tribute and the emails..talking about tearing up..... I was crying. I am so glad your hearts were touched for the Silent Rank's and sending soldiers all over the world cards is awesome!!!  Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

This easy fun card is for Fridays Challenge at Teddys Stampers.  The challenge, of course has to have a teddy bear and this week pertain to Spring! I had a blast making it! Easy to color  with Copics for you don't want you colors want them to look like fur!! I used a free digital stamp, "Gardening Bear" from ElizabethO Dulemba.  If you have not been to her site you need to go! She has lots of super cute digital stamps for free! When you click on her name scroll down on the very  first page and you will see them and each Tuesday she does a new digital! How awesome is that?

I have lots of good deals for you today! Do you have an over abundance of card stock? I sure do! I wish I knew about paper pads in the very beginning for I would have saved a whole lot of money!! How? I am using DCWV, Mediterranean Cafe paper stack. In this particular pack you get 48 sheets of 12x12 card stock and they match! You can have stripes, flowers, glittery all in the same matching colors. Not all 48 sheets are the same color scheme only about 5 are and then a new color scheme. Joann has them on sell right now for 11.99 and the 4 1/2 x 6 1/2 on sell for 5.99. You can't touch DP for any less. On the 12 x 12 it equals to approx. 13 cents per sheet!! WAhoo!!  

I used Special Moments Brads and the brads are the metal butterflies and centers of the flowers. I couldn't find the exact ones I have for you, but I did find a deal!! An eBay seller has them for sell for $2.25 and the box's contain 46 different brads and only a $1.45 for shipping. You can't beat that deal either! My paper flowers are from my stash and I am using Dew Drops and get this!!! On  Frugral Crafter they explain and have pictures on how you can make your own Dew Drops!   I will  try it soon and let you know how it does! I distress my paper edges with Tim Holtz Distresser on Scrapbooking Warehouse for 4.88. I used TH Distress Ink/marmalade and Joann has them on sell for $3.49 and the reinkers on sell for 2.49.  Lots of deals today!!!

Thank you for looking and have a great day!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

A Tribute to Danni!

Please read to the very end.  Grab a cup of coffee for I am writing and sending you to lots of places today! This card I made is for a very special person named Danni, an Army wife and to all of our military's spouses, significant others, mother, fathers, brothers, anyone who is left at home while their love ones goes and defends our freedom, our country. The stamp on the card is named Danni, from the collection Hearts and Hugs,  designed by Victoria Case specifically for SCACD.  Each stamp in this collection was named after a SCACD design team member.  Of course, I had to check out the people whom these stamps were named after, which took me to Danni's blog. I loved her cards and kept scrolling through her blog and learned she was a mother to two children and her husband was in the army and deployed. She wrote on her blog that cards and blog hopping were helping her through this period of time. It touched me big time and when I looked at the stamp image again,  I thought this is the most perfect stamp to be named Danni! For Danni (the stamp) is in an open area looking at a butterfly who is free to fly where ever it wants to be.  Our military fights so we may continue to be free, like the butterfly. However, we tend to forget the love ones, who are left behind. I found this poem written by a military spouse who lets you see Danni and every love one of our military forces.

The Silent Ranks
Author unknown

I wear no uniforms, no blues or army greens.
But I am in the military in the ranks rarely seen.
I have no rank upon my shoulders.
Salutes I do not give.
But the military world is the place where I live.
I'm not in the chain of command, orders I do not get.
But my husband is the one who does, this I can not forget.
I'm not the one who fires the weapon, who puts my life on the line.
But my job is just as tough.
I'm the one that's left behind.
My husband is a patriot, a brave and prideful man and the call to serve his
country not all can understand.
Behind the lines I see the things needed to keep this country free.
My husband makes the sacrifice.
But so do our kids and me.
I love the man I married.
Soldiering is his life.
But I stand among the silent ranks
known as the Military Wife.
Thank you Danni and everyone who is a member of the Silent Rank. 

When I was working on this posting on Saturday, I received an email from Danni's blog with happy, happy news she posted! Her hubby will be coming home within a week!! God Bless!

We make lots of cards and put them in boxes or drawers and in a sense forget about them.  Lets use them and show our solders we appreciate and think of them all the time.  I found several web sites who will send our mail to the solders...rather in a foreign land, hospital or rehab at   I did a snoop check to see if it was a legitimate service and I found this newspaper article.  Lets band together to show our  soldiers we support them! If you are not from the US .... several other countries have this same type of service to send to soldiers world wide.

Thanks and Hugz,

Saturday, April 10, 2010

It's midnight!

Hello again! It's technically Saturday, but to me it's still Friday night! I originally came on here to add a new card and delete the one I made earlier. You know when you just don't feel good about something you made. That is how I feel about my last card. However, if I delete it ....I won't have anything to come back and compare it to later when I become so great!!! LOL LOL J/K Any how!  It just didn't sit right so I did it again! It is for the same challenge and this is the sketch:

I used the scallop circle Nestability and dry embossed it with a CB folder. The circles within the scallops were made with a regular hole puncher.  Card stock is plain dark blue and white Brazill. . On the white card stock, I took a small paint brush and tapped in onto Tim Holtz, Distress Ink, Faded Blue Jeans and tapped it onto the card stock! It worked like a charm and I only had to wipe the brush onto a rag to clean it. My flower was originally white and I placed a small amount of Perfect Pearls, Interference blue and applied it using a Koi water brush. Very easy to do and no mixing, heating, spraying and it worked! Pearl Perfect Pearls was added to her sleeves to give it a shimmering appearance. I like this card so much better!  Do you? Thank you for looking and see you later today!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Hello friend!   Missed you yesterday and will make up for it today with a tad of info! Did you ever go to a Stampin’ Up party? For those who have never heard of Stampin’ Up…it is a company that makes paper craft products and they sell those products to demonstrators.  The demonstrators show you the products by doing home parties….like Home Interiors or Tupperware!  I went to one a few weeks ago and they have everything! From card stock, stamps, ink, crafting tools and the list goes on!  They were demonstrating a Stamp-a-ma-jig at the one I went to!  No lie, that is the name of it!  The Stamp-a-ma-jig  allows you to stamp precisely where you want every time you stamp.  Did you ever make a card, and the last thing you had to do was stamp your sentiment and you missed the spot?  I, personally have ruined quite a few cards that way. Well,  that does not happen with Stamp-a-ma-jig. The best way to understand is to watch this video! It is really an awesome tool and everyone should have one. By-the-way you can also buy Stampin' Up products online now!  Pretty cool..huh!

Today's card was quick and easy and made very, very simple and fast (other words far from my best!). I felt guilty and I sorta got carried away with the pearls trying to make up for it!!! LOL There are 45 pearls on this card and I would bet my bottom dollar you are going to count them!! Tilda's foot is hiding one!  Any how I made this card for the Copic Challenge at Simple Scrapping Crafts. The challenge is coloring skin.   They also teamed up this week with the card challenge team! Confusing right? Simple Crafting has 28 challenges per month and two of these challenging DT teams, teamed up together.  This is one awesome blog with tutorials, samples gallery and a whole lot of learning and teaching!
The card stock was cut with a scallop Nestability after I folded my card stock in half the circle was placed slightly over the fold. After it was cut I had a scallop circle card.  Easy!

Meet Tilda from Magnolia's Stamps. Most people including myself do not like Tilda when you first see her. The question is asked;  where is her mouth and nose? Let me warn you...she grows on you!! There are literally thousands of people coloring Tilda every day to post on Magnolia blogs! And she isn't just in the USA...she is big time all over the world! No lie!!!  There is no glitz  or creativity on this card, I wanted to show you another way you can use the Nestability Die.  Although,  I still had to add my  Diamond Glaze! and the pearls...are you counting them?  Thank you very much for taking the time to look!
  • DT: DCWV Garden Party 12 x 12 pad I love this paper!
  • Copic Markers 
    • Outfit: G00 G00 G02 G03 
    • Hair: YR20 YR21 E31 E35
    • Skin: E000 E00 E01
    • Pearls: stash

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's Spring!

Oh I am in a card making mood today to make-up for all the days I didn't! This is Aurora with Butterfly..Isn't she delightful? When I first saw her I immediately thought of WEEEE it's springtime! Aurora was designed by Victoria Case for the Aurora Collection exclusively made for Susana's Art and Card Design.

 I had so much fun coloring her with my Copic markers! She screams "SPRING"  Don't you just love the look on her face? I sure do!!!

Aurora With Butterfly  isn't she delightful? When I first saw her, I immediately thought WEEEE it is springtime!  She screams "SPRING"  and I just love the look on her face!!!  Don't you? Aurora is from the Aurora collection designed by Victoria Case exclusively for Susana's Custom Art and Card Design. The collection is 6 stamps, PLUS Silly Pilly Caterpillar for only $29.00! You cannot turn down a bargain as good as this one! 
When I colored the butterfly wings...I wanted to do something different so I took one Copic marker from each color family and made the wings like I would color a rainbow. I didn't worry about highlighting and shadowing the colors for they were perfect just the way they were! I love the way it turned out!   Diamond Glaze and Diamond Stickles were applied to the wings for sparkle! After the Diamond Glaze dried I applied the stickles with my finger so I could dazzle the entire wing in an even coat.  Butterfly stickers were adhered to card stock and cut out to add a 3D effect. Nestability Die label one was used for the cut out and of course I had to use Kasiercraft rhinestones on my corners. Copic B000  colored the background. I darken all my edges by taking an ink pad and rubbing very lightly over the edges. I do this to all the layers which helps it look more uniform. Ribbon and brads from my stash. I hope you love her as much as I do!
·        DT: Flair designs/Seaside Collection/Tropical Garden
·        Copic Markers
Wings: BV01, RV01, Y02, YR000, YRO2, YRO4,
Hat and pants: RV04, RV02, RV00
Shirt: YG13, YG01
Body of Butterfly: YG07, YG01, YG000
Skin: E000, E00, E01 (do not let EOOO and EO1 mix for it will cause streaking.
Below is a picture of the collection.  Also,  I am currently enrolled in two Copic Marker Classes. One is Color Me Creative Classroom  by Suzanna Dean who offers three different Copic classes from beginner to experience. The other class is by Lisa Futch at Simple Scrapping. Both of these ladies are excellent instructors and if you want to learn the correct way of coloring I highly recommend them!

Have a great evening! You just might see me back here today!

Happy Tuesday!

Hello everyone!!!
It’s been awhile since I have posted any cards.  Abbie, my granddaughter with was here for two weeks and we had a total blast with one another!! She will be five in September and it was so refreshing playing with her stuff animals, play dough and lots of tea parties!!,  My aunt passed away and so sad for all of her children and grandchildren for she was a very special mom and grandmother but I think we are all relieved she is no longer suffering or in pain.   
Amy, our daughter and family visited for four days for Easter Weekend. It was a very active fun filled weekend!  Was the Easter Bunny good to you? On Saturday we took Abbie and Andrew to our local park for an all day Easter fun packed day. There were 20,000 plastic eggs,  yes, you read that correctly 20,000 eggs for the children to put in their baskets!! They were limited to 12 each and age groups. Let’s say it was suppose to be age groups for when the Easter bunny lead them to where the eggs were everyone took off to get their share! They had two moon bounces, music, games and we all had fun.
The weather we are having is awesome!! Spring is finally here!!!  Yesterday it was 86 and today is a repeat of a sunny, bright, cheerful day!  I love it and so thrilled it is finally here! It was a long winter this year.
Today’s card is an Easter Card I made on Friday.  Her name is Bunnie…oh my gosh I love her for she is so sweet and I had so much fun coloring her with Copics.  Bunnie is from the Elisabeth Bell Sampler collection made exclusively for Susana's Custom Art and Card Design. The sampler group is seven  beautiful rubber stamps that touch your heart big time! They are very detailed and you see me posting some more of these beauties and you can have all seven for only $42.00 and that is a bargain! 

Have you heard of the Pearl Pen?   The Pearl pen is a 25 ml tube that has a special semicircular bead-head delivery system to control the size of the half pearl. You need to watch this video  to see what you can make with it.  And, the beauty of it is you can make any size pearl anywhere on almost anything and it is only $5.95. A lot more pearls then you get in the packages and you control it!!  It is one of the most economical embellishment we can purchase and it comes in so many beautiful colors!

Thanks for looking and catch some sunshine. It is beautiful today!!

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