Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sara K

Happy Thursday almost Friday!!! YEAH!! WAHOO...two more days and I am leaving on a Jet Plane! Remember Peter, Paul and Mary! Awesome singers!  Oppps, I just gave my age away!!  Two more days and Vegas here I come! Going to visit my daughter and parents and I know if I type this, I will jinx myself! Oh well, Last time I came home with $500.00 more than what I went with! It was my lucky trip, but I have had many of bad ones! Hubby will be flying out on the fifth and then we fly back on different airlines on the 12th. I can't imagine 18 days without coloring! I am so addicted!

This darling is Sara K stamp,  Isabelle with puppy Coco! They are so sweet and I love them! I started out coloring Sara K and it sure felt good to color one today  for it's been a long time! There is always a sweetness and vintage to her images and you can't help but adore them! Isabelle was enter into the Color Combo challenge over at  SCS...come join us for it is a lot of fun with a slew of nice people!  Of course I colored her with Copic's...some day I am going to fool you and pull my chalks back out! And, it wouldn't be my card if I didn't add my Stickles which I put on the flowers on her hat. The quilling butterflies are from my stash and I am clueless where they came from...If I knew I would order a lot more!  Look for all supplies below for I will list where I found the cheapest place to buy.

Sara K: Isabella with Puppy Coco  $7.99
Butterflies: Stash...sorry :(
Diamond Stickles:   $1.99
Ribbon: Stash
Copics: $3.95 with free shipping on orders over $100.00 (Best deal on the web!) If ordering a few NO, shipping to high.

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