Friday, April 16, 2010

Stain Glass

Good morning everyone!  I haven't been to bed yet and it is almost 5:30 am! Bad insomnia night, but I played the whole time! Questions??? Am I the only one with lots of  ugly paper?  I look at my DT stash and think to myself "what was I thinking?" 

I love to play with everything and surely among few, who has broken their Cuttlebug!!  Yeppers! It exploded when I tried a technique called "Double Embossing" and it literally made my CB popped open like a can of  worms and fly everywhere! I was not a happy camper! My new one came and last night I used it with caution!

Today's card for Challenge: April Color Combo week 3 over at Simple Crafting Crafts is using the colors purple, red and blue.I didn't have any paper with those 3 colors so I made my own! I took red, blue and purple dye inks and blotted the inside of a CB embossing folder with a piece of white card stock. It came out SOOOO dang pretty and I love it! Easy peasy!

First I want to thank Lisa from The Purple Place who sent me a beautiful, sparkly, elegant card! I wanted to know what supplies she used for the was a special glitter pen and ultra fine glitter. This prompt me to go look at my glitter and lo behold I have white ultra fine, angle dust glitter by Art Glitter Company and it is so pretty and shimmering. I just love it!.

Lots of fun making this card. I wanted to see if I could make it look like stain glass and it does! It shimmers and reflects light. I  even saw my reflection when I was photographing it!!!  How cool is that? First I colored  Copics , added lots of Stickles. Let it dried and added  a heaping amount of Diamond Glaze.  I hope my picture shows how pretty the windows are!!  If I made this card again I would make the background of the windows a light blue. I feel that would have made them really pop and shade and highlight a tad more.  I hope you like this!!

  • Martha Steward Border punch
  • Diamond Glaze
  • Stickles
  • Mate paper with Brazil card stock
  • Copics


Amy said...

Colleen, your card is gorgeous! Awesome awesome idea on how to make them stained glass windows! I think you should color another with some blue in the windows too just so we can see it!! You're right, I think it will really make it pop even more! Thanks for sharing, it's amazing!

PS....I had a lossa opso/maltese (sp?) mix for 16 years...Misty, she looked just like your dogs! They are so sweet!

RaiderSoonerMom said...

Wow! Colleen this card is beautiful!! I had to hop over to your blog to see how you made this card and your blog is gorgeous! You are a very talented lady! I love this card! It looks like actual stained glass in a church! Who needs gorgeous paper when you create something this gorgeous!

Ayelet {Jenny} said...

Hi Colleen,
The card is stunning! Love all the glits and the stained glass effect is so beautiful! Who ever get this card is relly lucky!
LOL@C/B I got my sizix from hubby for my last birthday, dont understand what did I do without it!
And yes lots of dp papers that I don`t use. I probebly bought them for just one sheet out of a pack LOL x

ThePurplePlace said...

Hi Colleen - I hope by NOW you are sleeping and sorry to hear you were up all night.

But, WOW did you have fun by the sounds of things and YOUR new card is STUNNING! I'm happy to hear you found some "glitter" in your stash. I think that brand is also very good and will work very well.

Now you have me wanting to try "Diamond Glaze"....Argh! Something else to buy!! LOL!

Hugs!! Good Night!

Danni said...

What a stunning card! So vibrant! Fantastic job!

Pryn said...

This is just GORGEOUS Colleen! The colors just pop! I love the added touch of the Diamond Glaze!!! Sheer genius girlie!!!

I hope you are feeling better today! I have had insomnia for the last 2 months...I am starting to get super crabby and tearful! I know what you are going through and it is terrible! I pray for you to find sweet dreams and a restful sleep my friend! Hugs to you!!!

Brenda said...

Hi Colleen! Your card is beautiful!!! It looks like you do some of your best work through the night! You do such a great job on all your cards! I'm glad your back in business with your new cuttlebug! I can't hardly make a card without mine.

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