Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Tuesday!

Hello everyone!!!
It’s been awhile since I have posted any cards.  Abbie, my granddaughter with was here for two weeks and we had a total blast with one another!! She will be five in September and it was so refreshing playing with her stuff animals, play dough and lots of tea parties!!,  My aunt passed away and so sad for all of her children and grandchildren for she was a very special mom and grandmother but I think we are all relieved she is no longer suffering or in pain.   
Amy, our daughter and family visited for four days for Easter Weekend. It was a very active fun filled weekend!  Was the Easter Bunny good to you? On Saturday we took Abbie and Andrew to our local park for an all day Easter fun packed day. There were 20,000 plastic eggs,  yes, you read that correctly 20,000 eggs for the children to put in their baskets!! They were limited to 12 each and age groups. Let’s say it was suppose to be age groups for when the Easter bunny lead them to where the eggs were everyone took off to get their share! They had two moon bounces, music, games and we all had fun.
The weather we are having is awesome!! Spring is finally here!!!  Yesterday it was 86 and today is a repeat of a sunny, bright, cheerful day!  I love it and so thrilled it is finally here! It was a long winter this year.
Today’s card is an Easter Card I made on Friday.  Her name is Bunnie…oh my gosh I love her for she is so sweet and I had so much fun coloring her with Copics.  Bunnie is from the Elisabeth Bell Sampler collection made exclusively for Susana's Custom Art and Card Design. The sampler group is seven  beautiful rubber stamps that touch your heart big time! They are very detailed and you see me posting some more of these beauties and you can have all seven for only $42.00 and that is a bargain! 

Have you heard of the Pearl Pen?   The Pearl pen is a 25 ml tube that has a special semicircular bead-head delivery system to control the size of the half pearl. You need to watch this video  to see what you can make with it.  And, the beauty of it is you can make any size pearl anywhere on almost anything and it is only $5.95. A lot more pearls then you get in the packages and you control it!!  It is one of the most economical embellishment we can purchase and it comes in so many beautiful colors!

Thanks for looking and catch some sunshine. It is beautiful today!!


Pryn said...

So sorry to hear of your Aunt passing Colleen. You have my deepest sympathies. I will continue to keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs to you!

Sharon Keanly said...

Hi Colleen, what a beautiful card. My sympathies re your Aunt's passing. My thoughts are with you at this time. Love the beauties you have on display. Can't wait to view your new creations. Hugs Sharon p.s. You look far too young to be a

A Cards Delight said...

Sharon that is the nicest thing you could say to me!!! Love you for it!

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