Thursday, June 17, 2010

Miss Daisy!

Good morning! Grab your coffee for I have a few things to say!First, is your day starting out right? Since I have been up for 36 hours, I am not sure if this is my morning, noon or night. I tell ya, this insomnia has to go! The past two days have been over the top with stress and when you don't think the day can get any does. If ya been watching my blogs, you know hubby has been having severe back, leg and knee pain. I mean the kind of pain where he can hardly walk and it keeps him up all night. They think it might be a herniated disc and had an MRI done Tuesday. Well, Last night  I am sitting here coloring away and I hear boom, boom, crash, a loud moan followed by a few choice words. I flew to the stairway and there he is at the bottom of the steps and just looking at him you felt his pain.. ..let me tell ya, talking about a heart attack, if I am not dead after the last 30 hours, I am not going anywhere fast! The good news, he isn't any worst then before he felled. We hope!

Okay, Item number two! You know, sometimes our lives are so over filled with life events, everything is going haywire, and you feel you can't take another thing and your head is going to spin off... you know what I mean? Well, when we are at that point, we sometimes forget to remember the good things we do have. Well, today I am going to speak of one of my good things. It's a person, whom most of you know and trust me, if she has been in a blog, chat, class or anywhere you know her! This person came into my life quite awhile back now and I am bless because of  it. For I know, no matter what, this person will not put words into my mouth, I haven't spoken, talk behind my back or try to make me look bad. She is a listener, a supporter and always right there when I need her! And, when she leaves a comment on a blog, card, technique or what ever... you know she's been there!! For she takes the time, to praise each and every one, no matter if she knows you or not, and when she leaves her beautiful comments, you know it  for sometimes  it looks like a book! She takes that one extra moment to leave beautiful comments and tries her best, to make you feel good about yourself. I am sure, most of you know whom I am speaking of and yes, it is Lisa Haines, more famously known as "The Purple Place"  You guessed didn't ya? LOL, She is truly a friend and I just want to thank her today. for being just true friend!! Love ya girl!

Okay, what your really waiting to see is Miss Daisy, the sweetest, fun digital image to play with. She is from the collection "The Little Bit".  Entering the Party Time Tuesday challenge and this week anything goes but, it still has to be a B/D card! Which is great with me for I always need birthday cards! Fun blog to belong to and last week I was chosen as one of the top three!! That made me smile!  I think it is an awesome idea to have a blog and the only thing you make are birthday card! Awesome!

I am really happy with the way this turned out!   Talking about Lisa!! She made a card with a little bow on it and I asked her yesterday "how were you able to make your bow so small?" She sent me a link where you can buy them!!! I tell ya, she cracks me up and a real hoot at times!! I made these bows all by myself and it only took me a half hour to get it right! Using an ice pick...yep, you read it right, an ice pick, I poked a hole on each side of her waist, gave her a cloth belt using a need threader to guide it through. Do you like her as much as me?  Ok, I am done yaking away!

  • Copic markers:
    • Skin E000, E00, E11
    • Dress and socks B39, B37, B34, B32
    • Hair: Prisma Color Pencils
    • Charm; Blue Moon at Susana Custom Art and Card Design
      • Thank you dear friend for sending me a goodie bag with the pink roses in it!
    •  Roses: Prima at SCACD
    • Nestability: Scallop Oval, Large Scallop Square
    • Ribbon and paper from stash
Have a great day and thank you for stopping in!


ThePurplePlace said...

Colleen - You are such a dear friend and I am very humbled by your post. As you know I've been feeling so lousy and having ups and downs for the last month or two and have NOT at all felt like myself....! Reading you kind words, made me feel VERY special and that really is such a joy. You have brightened my day, more than you will every really know!!

I am the one who is blessed with having such a wonderful friend and I am honored to know you and cherish you friendship. THANK YOU!!


Tammylee said...

What a beautiful card! I love everything about it.

Danni said...

What a super cute and oh so pretty card!

Jane said...

Oh my your card is adorable. I love the little belt I'll have to try that. BTW, you aren't the only one with insomnia and add to it some kind of stomach bug :( We really are two of a kind.

Colleen if you ever need to get away just yell I've got a spare bed and a ton of stamps I'll take a few days vacation and we will play with stamps and copics and forget the world exists!


Jessica said...

What a kind post about your friend. It's so nice to have people like that bless our lives. :) Your card is amazing by the way! All sorts of fun details to enjoy!

Dianna said...

The card is adorable, Colleen! What a nice thing to say about a friend! You are truly blessed! Thanks for coming to the party at PTT this week!

Kristie said...

Gorgeous card, Colleen! Thanks so much for playing along with my Party Time Tuesdays challenge!

Paige said...

So very cute! Thanks for entering your adorable card in our PTT challenge!

Abby said...

Gorgeous.. love it! :) Thanks for joining the fun at PTT!

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