Saturday, June 19, 2010


Sorry another long one!

Wahoo, it's the weekend!! Ya know, I don't work outside of the home anymore and still there is something about the weekends, which  makes you feel TGIF!  Is it because all the stress, work, etc.  should be done for the week and Monday you can start a brand new week?  dunno!  Oh well,  last night was a good night! Hubby and I went out to dinner and then I join some girls for Stamp'n up party. We made some really cute cards!  Any how, this was one heck of a stressful week and I am super glad to chill out and lay back a little!

I have to tell  you though what my hubby said tonight and then I have some exciting news for ya! How were you before you started making card, as far as keeping the house cleaned.  My hubby used to tell everyone "I got up in the middle of the night to use the BR and when I came back the bed was made"  and my dad would say "I was reading the newspaper, went to get a cup of coffee, went back to read it and it was gone, had to go get it out of the trash!" ha ha ha. I am sure, DH wishes those days were still here because things have changed since I have entered into the world of card making! Ok, so here's what he said!. First off you have to know my dogs always lay by my feet under my desk.. Well, tonight DH comes up into the office, as serious as a heart attack, and sits down at his desk and looks at me and says "I would like to inform you about something" and I'm thinking "inform me" when did we get so formal? And, after this week of pure stress, I stared at him scared to death of what he might say.  I could feel my heart racing and my eyes watering and very quietly said "what?"  He is so dang serious and he says "Simba came down stairs and for the past half hour, I have been cleaning all the glitter and sticky things off of his a** and you have to be a little bit more careful.  He is so serious and I looked at him and I LOST it. I laughed so dang hard and long my ribs hurt! And, then to top it off.... he looks at me and says "what's so funny" which only cracked me up more!!  You gotta luv him!

Ok, so here is my news. Todays card was made using a digital image from Kenny K's Krafty Girlz,
and let me tell have to go check out this web site and Illustrator!  For now, the only link which works in the challenge blog is the "Kenny K's Shop". Look around and you will  see everything is in place and ready to start the challenge blog! The challenge rules are posted, blinkie for the DT and the top 3 are all in place.....everything is ready to go!  Trust me, you are going to be impress! When you enter the shop, you are going to see the cutest, sassiest, sweetest digi's ever! I especially love  "Diva"  for she reminds me so much of my daughters and her face, especially her eyes are so beautiful! That is not the end! If you go to Kenny's web site  you will see he has done quite a list of things including: comic books, animations and if I sat here and typed everything he does.... I would still be sitting here until tomorrow morning! As you are looking around you will say to yourself  "I don't get it!" Why is this very talented man, who has loads of projects, starting a craft challenge blog. At this point click on the "about Kenny and Elena" which is at the top of the page and you will finish saying "wow, that is awesome!" Nope, not going to tell will have to go read it for yourself!!  After reading all the goodies will see there is a DT call! If you apply "Good Luck to you!"

Introducing "Diva"
  •  DP: Scrapbook Walls 
  •  Ribbon: Olfry
  • Charm; Blue Moon
  • Flowers: Prima
    • Copics: 
      • Hair E35, Y21, Y23, YR23
      • Skin: E11, E00, E000
      • Shirt: R07, YR04, YR02, YR000
      • Pants: G00, G05, GO2, G00
      • Shoes:W1, W01
  • Stickles: shoes and belt
  • Diamond Glaze applied to eyes to give them a shine
That's all Folks for it is almost 7AM and I am ready to go to bed ...another all nighter! Thank you for stopping in and reading and commenting on my blog. I read all the comments and they touch my heart!


Sharon Keanly said...

Well Hello g/f... I read your post with great interest... hahaha poor ol' Simba. I can just picture DH trying to get the glitter off his a.. hehehe A stunning card my friend, just love it! Am going to try out for the DT as well, so watch my space. Good luck to you, your colouring is fabulous!!! Thanks for sharing. Tons of hugs, Sharon x

Mary Frances said...

AWESOME card Colleen! I can so relate to your post. I have OCD when it comes to cleanliness. But I find in order to create the way I want to somethings gotta give and it's usually my sleep. Thanks so much for the tip on Kenny K's!! I'm heading over to check it out now. Hugs, xx

sarahw said...

Such a cute card! I love the colors :) and that image is super cute! I had to laugh when I read about your hubby. My husband says he finds those blue sticky tabs all over the house. What are you going do? Hugs, Sarah

2amscrapper said...

another great one from you!

Danni said...

Poor Simba! but in my house everything and everyone is bound to sparkle! LOL!
Fun card!

ThePurplePlace said...

I LOVE Glitter and Bling and often notice when I go out, after I have been working on cards that I will often look in the rear-view mirror and see glitter all over my face... LOL! Never thought about other body areas! !!

Poor little Simba! Your hubby sounds like he's a riot!

Thanks for sharing that cute story!! Made me smile!! :)


PS: My house has suffered since I took up this wonderful hobby and to me it's a mess, but to hubby and my boys, they LOVE that I am NOT as much of a "neat freak"...but I simply do NOT have the energy or time to do it ALL! LOL!

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