Monday, May 10, 2010

Will Be Home Soon!

Two more days and I will be home! My plane arrives Wednesday evening and I look forward to entering lots of challenges once I am home! It has been a great time here in Nevada with my parents and Renae, my daughter and family. My dad turned 87 on May 7th and my mom will be 84 in July. I have been very blessed! It is hard living so far away for they are in Nevada and I am in Maryland. The weather here has been very, very windy but warm with lots of sun shine! We went to Death Valley on Saturday and each time I go there I am amazed when I see the beautiful flowers blooming in the middle of the desert! Awesome! Amy, daughter in PA said they had snow flurries yesterday...YIKE!!! It's spring not winter!!!  I will have cards posted soon after I get home! Have a great week!



ThePurplePlace said...

Yippee! I can't wait! Seems like you have been gone for months!!

On a MUCH happier note - CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I just read over at SSC that you WON the "Designer of the MONTH" award for APRIL!!

WooHOO! That's awesome and I am very very HAPPY for you!!


Sharon Keanly said...

Good to hear, am missing your creations and posts! You will have to fill us in on the news which The Purle Place has posted above. Dying to hear all about it. Congrats! Hugs Sharon xx

Jeneeb1 said...


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