Friday, July 30, 2010

It's Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!  Ok, where did July go...I lost it somewhere? Talking about losing things, I have to tell you what happened the other day.

This might be one of those stories you had to be here to appreciate the humor! Any how...when I gained so much weight on prednisone, I had to have my rings re-sized larger. Unfortunately,  when we had it done I was very edematous (swollen) all over including my fingers and so the rings were made to big. They will actually fly off of my fingers when not swollen so I take them off all the time.  Sunday we were getting ready to go out and I went to my jewelry box on the dresser to get my rings and they weren't there and I distinctly remember putting them there!! I looked in the jewelry stand and they weren't there either. I checked the night stand, bathroom, desk and I am getting worried so I asked DH if he saw them. Now he is looking for them too! We are looking in the same places at the same time for about 15 -20 minutes, we were starting to run late for an appointment and I said "let's go and when we get home I will call Amy and see if I left them there" meanwhile if I did ...Amy would have called me immediately. As I am closing the lid to the jewelry box I happened to look at my fricken hand and there were the rings on my finger!!!! I hold my hand up for DH to see...he looks at my hand, we looked at each and cracked-up big time!  Now that is bad!

This cute and silly birthday card is using  Karen's Doodles digi image. I love silly images  on birthday cards for they make people smile! Isn't it bright and cheerful? It's for a man so I ditched the flowers this time!

  • DP: Basic Grey
  •  Brads: Basic Grey
  • Copic Markers
    • Elephant: C00, C01, C03
    • Rouge: R20
    • Skirt: G07, G05, G03, G02
I cut my paper with Paper Cow paper cutter which I will tell you about more tomorrow!


Sharon Keanly said...

Hello my dear friend, this card is stunning. Just love the bright colours. hugs Sharon

Tammy said...

This is so darling and she is one of my favorite images from The Digi Shack!!! I love how you have colored her and your fun bright papers!!!

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious! I would have done the same thing except I would have paniced if my rings were missing. Once I had a little to much wine and forgot where I put mine. It was terrible. :) Damn wine.

2amscrapper said...

wonderful coloring (is that really the correct term for rockin' the Copics?), great card. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'm so happy you liked the song!

ThePurplePlace said...

Adorable Colleen,

I just Love this card and all the bright colors, not to mention your fabulous coloring!

The ring story, sounds very very familiar to me...I am SOOO forgetful, that I could easily do something just like that! :) You are NOT alone!!

PS: How is it that you are linking your posts to Facebook?

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