Monday, December 19, 2011

Six more wake-up days!

Happy Monday everyone! Six more wake up days and it's Christmas!!! Two of our grandchildren were here visiting for 3 days and we had so much fun. Nothing like a four and six year old to take you back to the magic of of Christmas!  Abbie said "How many more wake-ups until Christmas Grandma?" I replied "6"  Her eyes got real big as she grabbed her brother "Andew only 6 more wake-up days!!" Their excitement is so contagious and wonderful to be around! We took them to see Happy Feet 2 on Saturday and would you believe I got out of bed at 8AM to go to the theater!?!  The movie started at 9:55 AM and we wanted to go to the mall and tell  Santa what we wanted for Christmas and look at all the decorations! It was an awesome day from start to finish!

Today I did a marathon Christmas shopping!! I literally didn't have one present bought and so I got up early and headed for the malls and was back home by 6 PM! When I got home, I hurried up and took my make-up off and put my PJ's on so when hubby walked in the door it looked like I didn't budge all day! Hehehe Wait until he see's what he got for Christmas!! It put me back a little bit but he is so worth every single penny and then some! He will think I bought it for me and it really is for him! I will just borrow it:)

My cards today were made with an image from the Christmas Rose Digi Set at Fred She Said! I bought this candle last year and love the clean and simple cards I can make with it! My idea for my card today  came from visiting Tina Gilliland's blog! Tina used the partial embossing video by Gina K on Stamp TV which you can watch here!

Thank you for visiting with me today!


jimlynn said...

Colleen, this is awesome! LOVE that partial embossing and the image is gorgeous. A beautiful card for Christmas!
Sounds like fun spending time withe the grandchildren! Know y'all had a wonderful time.
Hope you have a great Christmas!

ThePurplePlace said...

I love that you are having so much fun with your adorable grandchildren and HOPE I will have that joy in my life some day too!!

As you know, one of my boys is away this year and as much as I'm happy for him and Meg, I know I will miss them both very much on Christmas. Luckily, with the Internet, we can connect that's what matters most.

The die you asked about is another one from Memory Box - I LOVE them! Not sure if Suzanne has that one in her store, but she might!!

Hope you ALL have a wonderful Christmas! I've been busy, busy, busy and have not had much time to is candy making day...Yummy Chocolates...should be fun!!

Take care and love ya!!

Carla S. said...

Both cards are absolutely gorgeous, Colleen! Wonderful coloring of the beautiful image! I love the partial embossing, too!

Catherine said...

Your cards are gorgeous Colleen ! They look so elegant and chic ! What a beautiful image and I love the embossed background ! So pleased you had a great time with your grandchildren and well done for the Christmas shopping ! You rock Lady ! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

Beebeebabs said...

Beautiful card and stopping by to wish you and your family a Happy Holiday Season!!!

Lorraine said...

Your cards are gorgeous, Colleen! So elegant-looking! And sounds like you had a blast with your grandchildren! Such fun looking at things through children's eyes. Wishing you & yours a very Merry Christmas!

Teresa Arsenault said...

This is a really lovely image and design. I like how you switched it up slightly with the 2nd card.

You are too funny, making your DH think you had been lounging all day while you were, in fact, marathon Christmas shopping. You will have a story to tell him on Christmas morning.

We don't have any grandchildren yet, but we have young friends with little kids who are almost like grandchildren. Everything is more delightful when seen through their eyes.

Blessings & Merry Christmas,

Lynne Armstrong said...

These are both beautiful Colleen. Love the partial embossing...the whole design really makes the image pop :)
Hugs xx

Angela said...

Colleen, what a beautiful and elegant Christmas card this is. Love your coloring and that pop of red against the white card stock. I just love it!

Merry Christmas dear to you and your's! big hugs, Angela

Reflections from Granny said...

Gorgeous cards Colleen, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas? Happy New Year to you, and your family.

Hugs, Lori m

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