Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Doodle Dragon - Get Well

Hi everyone! We just got home yesterday from 10 days vacation in Florida. It's funny, you can't wait to leave and then you can't wait to get home. We drove this year instead of flying and took some extra days and went to Tennessee.  I talked hubby into Ziplining and oh what fun! There were a total of 7 zip lines to venture across and each one was more exciting then the one before. My daughter asked me how could I zipline when I am petrified of heights.  I told her it was the same as when I used to repel off of cliffs - the harness around your waist gives you enough security to just step off and fly! If you haven't tried it - I say go for it!  I was curious to know what the eldest age they had zipping and they replied; several 90+, lots in their 70's and 80's - so you see it's never too late! My next adventure is to Sky dive - hubby isn't too thrill with that choice! Several years ago I talked him into going flying in a Biplane that did aerobatic maneuvers - he wasn't too thrill when we turned upside down or rolled several times - me I loved it!

Today, I am showcasing Doodle Dragon image "Get Well" which is available at C.C. Designs.


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Deborah Artliff said...

Evening Colleen what a wonderful get well card I love it

Debs xxx
{Debs Cards}

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