Monday, March 28, 2016

Butterfly Twila by C.C.Designs

Happy Monday everyone! Hoping you had a very blessed Easter with your loved ones and friends.  My birthday was the day before Easter. 

From the time I was 4 years old, I have always loved the circus and never  realize how special my memories are until this weekend. My parents  took my brothers and me to see the very last show performed by Barnum and Baily under the big top, The Greatest Show On Earth. I was totally amazed watching all three rings with outstanding, perfect performances. There was a big marching band coming in with all kinds of animals, horses, elephants, lions, tigers, and lots more. Clowns that made you laugh over and over with their silly antics.  It was a magical night. I would hold my breath with the trapeze artist, high wire walkers, lions jumping through hoops of fire and the list goes on.  As my children grew up, I took them to every circus that came into town and noticed how much smaller they were getting and fewer animals. We mostly had the Shriners circus in town. This past weekend,  my husband purchased tickets for my daughter, SIL, grandchildren to see the circus in Baltimore for my birthday. I was so excited and couldn't wait to go.  If I would have never been to a circus - I would have probably been in heaven but while I sat there watching the performances,  I kept comparing today's show to yesterday. 

This is copy and pasted from Wikipedia:  On July 16, 1956 at the Heidelberg Race Track in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania the circus ended its season early, with President John Ringling North announcing that it would no longer exhibit under their own portable tents and starting in 1957 would exhibit in permanent venues, such as sports stadiums and arenas that had the seating already in place. An article in Life magazine reported that "a magical era had passed forever)

Animal rights. PETA- has taken the circus to courts over and over and there were  non-compliances by the circus. However, PETA paid a barn worker to state false statements to the courts. This is the last year the elephants will be used in the show. More laws were written that elephants could not be used for entertainment. 

It was found: In 1995, the circus opened the Center for Elephant Conservation in Florida for the breeding, research, and retirement of its Asian elephant herd. Located in central Florida, this 200-acre facility is dedicated to the conservation, breeding and understanding of these animals.[32] Most dogs in the shows are from animal shelters or rescued from poor living conditions.[33] The circus participates in breeding programs for endangered species used in the shows including the Bengal tiger, the Siberian tiger, and elephant. The tiger population is retired to Big Cat Rescue.[34]

 I am against any type of animal cruelty. As a child, you don't understand laws while you are watching The Greatest Show on Earth. A time of magic and wild eye wonders that will never, ever be replaced. For this I am sad.
Ok!!  Here is my card I created on Friday! I love Butterfly Twila and  her sweet cheerful face.  Happy Sentiments is a great buy with 10 verses/sentiments. I esp. like the one on my card today.The rose is the first one I have attempted to make  using 'Make A Card # 13 die set"  Not too shabby for first time:)


Sharon said...

I wish you could have re-lived the magical years for your birthday Colleen. I know things have changed dramatically with animal rights which to be honest I am pleased about. For me there is something far more magical seeing animals in there own environment and free - something as you say, we only realise as adults.

Your card is gorgeous. Love the bright green and the image is adorable.
Enjoy the rest of your week.
Hugs Sharon. x

Deborah Artliff said...

Hi Colleen what a beautiful card and the design is wonderful.
I love the butterfly it is stunning and you have coloured it beautifully.
Debs xxx
{Debs Cards}

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