Monday, May 31, 2010

My dad, Memorial Day and me.

Today was a day to remember all who have served for our country  for we the people all over the world. I have been kinda sad today for Memorial Day has always been a special day in our home. Growing up, my brothers and I were taught to love and respect our country. Our grandfather served in WWI and our father in WWII and to this day my father is so proud to have served for his country. He was always active in the AMVETS and is a  former American Legion State Commander who has help fight many battles for the veterans and has made a true difference for our Vets.  Each Memorial Day my dad would be in the parade proudly wearing his cap and it was an honor for me to see him.   He turned 87 this year and has the beginning of  Alzheimer's which is an ugly, dreadful disease.  My parents live in Nevada and  I  in Maryland and its hard for they are both having health problems and I feel so far away.   When I visit my father he only talks about 3 things these days and they are the AMVETS. American Legion and the War. I have heard all the stories over and over again ...but you know what...that's okay for I love hearing him talk. Today I made a Red, White and Blue card with an Angel flying, her wings are spread out like an Eagle when they soar. Her arms are stretched out in front of her holding a shining star above her head and guiding it  towards the heavens. I colored her wings red, white and blue.  My sentiment is "God Bless America" but I am not going to post it today. I have decided no one will see this card before my dad on father's day. I have given him over 58 years of Father's Day Cards and they had the usual fishing, golfing, silly pictures or long poems  but, what my father would enjoy seeing the most  are the colors red, white and blue from his "little girl".  I love you dad, God Bless you!


Sharon Keanly said...

Such a sentimental post Colleen. Loved reading it. Blessings to you and your dad. Can't wait to see this special card. I am sure he will love it. Tons of hugs, Sharon x

Roxanne said...

Colleen, thank you so much for the additional information you found on the Seaquist mansion. You are so smart and resourceful. I have decided that yo will have the first glass of lemonade!

I really appreciate your visit and sweet comment.

Happy summer!

Jane said...

Love your post I need to do one about my dad he was in WWII, Korea and Vietnam so served a lot of years.

Thanks so much for sharing.

Jennifer Holmes said...

Memorial Day is special for me as well. All my grandfathers have been in the service during WWI & WWII. My dear friend from high school was also serving this country when he was KIA in 2007.

Love you lots! Miss you tons!

ThePurplePlace said...

How sweet and very touching!


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