Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 3 Elisabeth Bell's sneaky Peek

Happy Wednesday everyone!! Tonight it another sneaky peek of Elisabeth Bell's October New Digi!!  Two more days and it will be released on Friday with a blog hop!! And, yes there is candy to be won! Can you tell what tonight's sneaky  peek is? Then run over the Elisabeth's Digi Bell's Blog and write it in the comments. If you are the first one to answer the question correctly then you win a digi of your choice in Elisabeth Bell's Digi Gallery. How awesome is that? Trust me you will want this is beyond adorable.

You need to answer this question to win tonight!
Q. What do you think that rounded shape is of? know you want to guess! Hurry be the first one!!


Sharon Keanly said...

Morning dear friend... hmmm, I think that is part of a teddy bear's ear... am I right? hugs Sharon x

Patti Hanan said...

Guess what? I am your new blog follower because I clicked on your Feedjit rush ad! I look forward to visiting again.
Feedjit rush benefited me, too! I hope you will visit me at Grateful Heart!
BTW, I think the round object is a bulb on a Christmas tree!
Your new bloggy friend,

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