Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December's Party Time Tuesday

Hello out there!! How is everyone today? How about this horrible weather ...I am so not ready for winter and only hope it goes by as fast as summer did! Let me tell ya, I blinked and summer was like gone! Eleven days til X-mas! 96 days until the first day of spring in the states!!! Trust me I am counting them!

I would like to take this time to thank everyone for the wonderful support you have shown me on my blog. Either by comments or following and I so appreciate it. You all rock! Blog land is an awesome way to meet really super, talented and caring people. Thank you! You have touched my life and I hope I have given  you something in return!

It's Party Time Tuesday which means a birthday challenge blog! Each week you make a card with birthday wording on the front of the card, along with the challenge of the week! Easy Peasy and it keeps those birthday cards in stock! This weeks challenge is a sketch to follow...which I have below.

This adorable image is "Letters to Santa" by Elisabeth Bell. I love this image and decided to have her mailing a birthday card instead for the challenge. Isn't she a baby doll with her big fluffy hat and coat on? I think she is adorable! Look at the mouse with the cute is that! Don't forget to visit my team mates to see their great inspirations! Their blogs are listed in my side board!


 The sketch:

  • Blue: B66, B63 B60
  • Skin: E01, E00, E000
  • Hair: E31, E35, YR20
  • Mailbox: C05, C03, C01
  • Red: R29, R27, R24, R22
  • Green: G02, G00, G000
Tip of the Day: Cuttlebug.  I was taught when I used the die cuts in my Cuttlebug to do it in this order.
  • Base
  • B plate
  • Nestie or die
  • C plate
I have done it this way since day one. However, I am the only person, you will probably meet that blew their Cuttlebug to pieces.. I mean it didn't just shattered with pieces flying everywhere and made a noise like a sonic boom. It scared the poo out of me and my boys.   Simba ran out of the room so fast, I only saw a white blur and Bailey  tried to get under the bed and when there was no room he jump on the bed and hid his head under the pillow! NO LIE! Luckily the shards didn't hit anyone.   I honestly forget what I was trying to accomplish, but the directions called to add a piece of cardboard and I was forcing it through! It worked for the lady on Youtube!!  Any how,  I bought a new Cuttlebug and didn't want to mess my new plates with marks. So I did the following
  • Base
  • C plate
  • Die Cut
  • B plate
My plates are no longer bowing after I cut. The B plates stay looking like brand new and I love it!  Does anyone else plates bow? If so try this worked for me.

Happy Days! Hugzzzzzzzz


Sharon Keanly said...

Oh my gosh g/f, your posts are a hoot... just love the little bits of humour you bring into them. I can just see the whole picture in front of me...hahahahaha At least no one was hurt by the bits and pieces flying around. Anyways... love your card, nice to see blue as I've been seeing a lot of pink lately (which I also love of course). Great work. hugs Sharon xx

Kristel said...

Woww this is stunning hun!! Love the blue bright colours you used!!
Hugs Kristel

Heidi said...

This is such a lovely card, the colours are very exciting and I love the bold backing papers. hugs Heidi x

Crystal said...

Oh my goodness this is soooooo super precious Colleen, LOVE the blues, the layout, and your coloring is GORGEOUS!!! What a GREAT creation hun!

~jan said...

Im not sure what I like better, that cute fuzzy hat the little girl is wearing or that little mouse! Love your take on the sketch, Colleen!

Katie said...

What a lovely birthday card. I love the super sweet image...the girls, the birdies, all of it. And the blues are just wonderful!

Nancy said...

Colleen, the blues are just stunning!! I love the image that you chose!! Wonderful card!

Anna said...

Two things...your blog scares me! I come on and see the count down to Christmas and SCARY! Ten days! Wow! And love your card! So stinking cute!

Beebeebabs said...

Such a nice card thanks for sharing!

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