Sunday, December 12, 2010

Flutter by Wednesday and Sara K

No, I didn't go anywhere except to the world of confusion! This is my blog and I know I can say what ever I would like to say. But, I don't like when people name names and bad mouth them. However, this has been one of those weeks that you just say "wow" how did that happened? I belonged to a network that was really starting to bloom, however I think the owner was bi-polar or manic for she would dystroy everything she worked so hard to build  with just a few words. She is also really heavy finger on the "banned" button it was time for me to say good-bye! I just don't understand why people do what they do sometimes. I think we should all stop and think before we act, esp. when there are other's involved. All the great freinds banned together and if you would like to join, please zip me off an email or post here and I will get the invite to you immediately.

Happy Holidays!! Are you ready for a jolly, holly Christmas? I'm excited! We are going on a road trip to see the kids who live in Florida for the holidays!! We didn't want to leave our dogs alone for Christmas so we're taking them with us! It will be awesome for all the grandchildren just love Simba and Bailey and they surely love kids!! Monday they are getting groomed and will look so pretty.... oppps handsome!! Their pictures are on my side bar!

Today was the first time I have made a card for Flutter-by Wednesdays in a real long time and I love their challenges! My image is Sweet Lili by Sarah K and you can purchase her at 7 Kids College Fund. Isn't she just the sweetest little girl kissing her teddy bear! Yeppers, one of my favorties!


  • Copics:
    • Hair: E35, E31, YR20
    • Skin: E01, E00, E000
    • Pink: RV02, RV00, RV000
    • Green: G02, G00, G000
    • Gray: W01, W00
  • Butterfly Punch: Martha Stewart
  • Sentiment: Just Rite Stamps
  • DP: Specialty Cardstock: Me and my big ideas
Tip of the Day:  When you first start buying Copics, you wonder what colors you should buy, and even after you have the colors you wonder, what makes a good color family?  This is a list Suzanne Dean put together and I call it my Copic Bible! She also list colors that are very similiar.  I contacted Suzanne and she gave me permission to post it!! She's the best!

Useful Color Combos by Suzanne Dean

**Anything with a * next to it is a REPEAT COLOR—meaning it is very similar to the other color and you do not need both!!

Fall Leaves/Landscape:



YR18,YR15,YR12,YR01 or YR00

*YR01 & YR02 are very similar




-RV17,RV14,RV13,RV10,RV000 (hot pinks)

-RV69,RV34,RV10 (purply-pink)

-R00,R20,R21,R22 (peachy pinks)

*RV17 & RV19 are similar


-R20,R22,R24,R27,R29 (vibrant reds)

-R89 & R85 (cardinal red)

-R00,R02,R05,R08 (orange red)

-make any red darker and less vibrant with W1/W3 or T1/T2



-V91,V93,V95,V99 (gray plum)

-BV29,BV25,BV20 (bluish purple)

-RV91,RV93,RV95,RV99 (reddish plum)

-V01,V05,V06,V09 (bright purple)

-B63,B66,B69,B79 (blue/lt purple)

Blue Combos:

-B21,B24,B26,B28 (vibrant blues)

-B91,B95,B97,B99 (grayish blues)

-B32,B34,B37,B39 (navy)

-B05,B02,B000 and/or B0000

*B00 & B01 are similar, B05 & B06 are similar, B14 & B16 are similar

Blue Greens:

BG00,BG10,BG11,BG72,BG75 or 78


*BG23 & 32 are similar,BG01 & BG02 are similar


-Y0000,Y00,Y02 or Y04/06 (bright light yellows)

-Y0000,Y11,Y15 (orange sunny yellow)

-Y21,Y26 (brown-golden tones)

-YR20,YR21,YR23,YR24 (golder tones)

*Y04 & Y06 are similar, Y18 & Y19 are similar




C00 thru C5 or C7


-YG0000,YG00,YG03,YG25 (spring greens)

-G40,G94,G99 or G40,G94,G85 (olives)

-G20,G21,G24,G28 or G29 (forest green)

-G0000,G00,G02,G16 (mint greens)

-G20,G21,G24 (sage)

-G20,YG63,YG67 (green)

*G02 & G03 are similar, G16 & G19 are similar, G21,G24 & G82 are very similar, G28 & G29 are similar


-E40,E41,E42,E43,E44 (creamy browns-more gray)

-E50,E51,E53,E55 (creams)

-E31,E33,E35,E37 or E39 (golden browns)

-E53,E55,E57,E59 (dark brown)

-E21,E25,E27,E29 (reddish dark brown)

-E11,E15,E18 (reddish brown)

-E00,E11,E13 (skin) or add E0000

-E02,E04,E07, E09 (rusty red—use bridge technique for E02 & E04 to blend well)

*E08 & E09 are very similar, E37 & E39 are similar

Skin Tones:

E00,E11,E13 (Caucasian 1)

E000,E00,E11 (Caucasian 2)

E21,E00,E000 (Caucasian 3)

E11,E13,E21,E25 (African Amer.1)

E11,E25,E27,E29 (African Amer.2)

*E21 is very similar to E53

Suzanne’s Fave Hair Combo’s:

-E25,E31,E50 (light or dark brunette)

-E35,E31,YR20 (golden blonde)

-E50,E53,E57 (dark brunette)

-C3,C5,C7,C9 (black hair)

-E15,E18,YR21 (auburn with golden highlites)

-YR20,YR21,E31 (light blonde)


I recommend starting with the 00 for each C,W, T & N Grays then skip to 1,3,5,7,9 (ie C00,C1,C3,C5,C7,C9). I use only C’s and W’s for most of my Gray needs & then I also have T1 and T3 to tone down colors. The N’s are very close to the C’s and not a necessary purchase.


Emily said...

Gorgeous card!!!

Tammy said...

This is so beautiful, Colleen!! I love the colors you have used and this is such a darling image!! Great coloring g/f!!! :)

Amy said...

This is stunning Colleen!! I LOVE the soft pastels and the ribbon!! Gorgeous!!

Danni said...

First, please email me! Things went wonky didn't they? I don't understand what happened at the network, but would love to join a group if you've started one.
Second, such a sweet, pretty card! Just delightful!! Thanks for playing along with my flutter by challenge!

Sue said...

Hi ya
aww totally gorgeous card, luv the soft colours, lovely papers & embelies, sue,x

coldwaters2 said...

WOW your card is stunning the softness of the colours help that fabulous bow stand out this is one awesome card. Thank you so much for the Copics List I know that I get very confused at times, which isn't too difficult, lol.
Lorraine x

Jane said...

Colleen I love love your card. And Can we post your color list?

Trina said...

Colleen, this is so sweet! Your embellishments go so wonderfully with your coloring...

Sharon Keanly said...

WOW, this card is absolutely stunning g/f. Just love all the elements you've used. Thanks for the Copics list, I will print this for myself. hugs Sharon

Kristel said...

A really gorgeous card dear! Looks amazing!
Hugs Kristel

Monica said...

Love the green ribbon and the cute image - so soothing!

Xxx Monica

Monica said...

Love the green ribbon and the cute image - so soothing!

Xxx Monica

Ann said...

Hi Colleen! Your card is so soft and pretty looking! I came over here to check on you because I've no idea in the world what happened. I hope you have a better week this week, an I'm glad to see you're making your cards and doing well. :) :) :)

Cat Spicer a.k.a. Spicey Cat Chick said...

FABULOUS card!!! So glad to see you are getting back on track. I don't quite understand people either and just keep repeating the advice my mom gave me in my head; "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." I only wish everyone else heeded it! LOL

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