Thursday, November 17, 2011


Happy Thursday!! For the past several days the SCACD Design Team  have been doing sneak peeks on the upcoming:

Carmen Medlin for SCACD

Reflections Fantasy 
Reflections Yesteryear 
2 "Just Because" stamps- Carolyn's Bonsai and The Topiary

  Plus, you know Susana! What is a release without prior blog candy? 

You can read all the information on the store blog here!

TIP OF THE DAY:   I posted this tip about a year ago and thought I would post it again for a new followers I have acquired. Each of you that read my blog,  I want to say thank you  from my heart for joining me in my ventures of crafting! Your all special and lately I have been a bit tardy getting around to commenting on your blog but eventually I do make it there! Life is crazy!

Coloring Lace and paper flowers with Copics.

You can use Colorless blender solution or 91-95% Isopropyl rubbing alcohol, which is a LOT cheaper.

Pour some alcohol into its lid, or very small container. Lay down the copic color you want onto an acrylic block.  You do this by pressing the base of the brush tip of the pen onto the block with gentle pressure.

Take a regular small paintbrush and dip it into the alcohol...the more alcohol on the brush the lighter the color.

If you want a vibrant color, wipe the brush once onto a paper towel.

Next, take the brush and mix it with your color on the acrylic block and brush onto flower, lace etc.

You will see that you use very tiny bit of marker. You can make it as dark or as light as you want by how much alcohol solution you have on the brush.

Here is a white rose and white lace I did with R29 in a super hurry. 

Have a great day and don't forget to visit SCACD store blog to win some candy and see teams sneak peeks for the day and those posted earlier! Please go to their fabulous blogs and leave them some love!!


Amy said...

Thanks for the tut Colleen!! Very cool! I love using my Copics to color embellishments!

Carla S. said...

Thanks for the great tip, Colleen!

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