Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Bird Crazy by Tim Holtz - Halloween

LOL my hubby turned 60 yesterday and now he tries to tell me he is too old to do things!! HAHA NOT. Men are so funny when they're sick - the world has to stop - well not that extreme. You ladies know what I am talking about! Anyway he didn't want any fuss and it's kind of hard to do birthday parties with our five kids - they are spread all over the US and my mom is in Arizona - but he has ME!!! LOL But you could see each time the phone rang or he opened a card the smile big and wide on his face. God love him!:)

A new 7 Kids College Fund challenge started today and until the end of the year - each theme is going to be "Anything Goes.!"  To win the $20.00 gift certificate you must use a stamp that 7 Kids sells. So come on and join the fun!.  

When I saw the Crazy Birds from Tim Holtz - I felled in love with them. I have all the birds, accessories and all the die cuts to go with each stamp set.  This birdie here I happened to like the least but perfect for a Halloween character. The sentiment was made up by my hubby! He's really good at giving me ideas. There are times that I have to remind him that I AM NOT Hallmark! 

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