Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Wild Rose Studio - Teddy In A Pot!

Ekkks two more sleep nights and it's Christmas! Are you ready? Is your tree done, presents wrapped, baking done?  I'm not - tomorrow is going to be a very busy day. 6 of our grandchildren live in other states and they are either preteens or teens. What do I buy, what do I buy? Then I remember the year I received money for Christmas and went to mall to shop. Everything was on SALE - I was in my glory buying my own clothes and getting so much more. Yep, they all were given money and I think they will be quite happy:)

Will you be home on Christmas? We will be going 2 hours south to my daughters home. Abbie and Andrew are 8 and 10 this year so it's still magic watching their faces! They say they believe there is a Santa, but me thinks they're at the age, they're afraid to say they don't believe just incase there really is one!

This is my last Christmas card for 2015.

 Poinsettia R89, R59. R39, R37, R35, R32, E21
Santa's hat: R29, R27, R24
Leaves: G99, G67, G63 G61
Teddy Bear: E47, E44, E43, E42, E41
Pot: YR23, Y15, Y11
Die cut: Spellbinders

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Jean Chaney said...

Beautiful card, and I loved the story about your grandkids and money. I'd like money too, (just in case there is a Santa) LOL! Merry Christmas, Colleen!

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